Trigger Finger/ All This Dancing Around cd

Trigger finger are a Belgium stoner rock band, though you would have never have guessed from the cd cover, three sharp dressed man, in suits.
This Antwerp three piece, vocalist/guitarist Ruben Block, drummer Mario Goossens and bassist Paul Van Bruystegem, are set to show there is more to Belgium than, chocolate.
Triggerfinger show us their diverse and sub rock genre of influences, from alternative rock, blues, stoner riffs and garage rock.
‘All This Dancin’ Around’ is their third record, and when released in Belgium, went straight to Gold status when released back in Nov 2010. The band are one of the key alternative acts in Belgium – playing to sell out crowds in Benelux and recently picking up two awards at the Belgium Music Industry Awards for Best Band and Best Musician for drummer Mario Goossens.
From the strangled staccato vocals of opening track and lead single ‘All This Dancin’ Around ‘ to the stoner style riffing of ‘Let It Ride’, itself, one of the most up tempo tracks on this cd, this band are very much an acquired taste, very alternative, very bass heavy, with odd guitar tunings, thrown in for good measure.
From the brooding menace of ‘Love Lost In Love’ to ‘All Night Long’, this is an album that constantly surprises. Tight rhythms, inventive guitar hooks and melodies that seep into your brain.
It’s certainly not what I would call easy listening, this cd demands your full attention to get the most out of it, but it will reward you with some of the best stoner rock around.


1. All This Dancin’ Around
2. Let It Ride
3. Love Lost In Love
4. I’m Coming For You
5. All Night Long
6. Feed Me
7. Cherry
8. My Baby’s Got A Gun
9. Without A Sound
10. Tuxedo
11. It Hasn’t Gone Away
The Triggerfinger website is Here

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