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Twisted Illusion

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On 19 March 2018
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Yet another masterpiece from the innovative minds of Twisted Illusion.

Excite The Light Part One, the first of a soon to be released trilogy of albums by the cosmic Twisted Illusion shows that the song writing suss of Matt Jones has no bounds with another dazzling array of compositions. Six songs stretch out to just under the sixty minute mark as those who are already familiar with the band have to expect the unexpected.

Their prog tag seems to have been mislaid as they crash into opener ‘Excite The Light’ with a vigour that so called big name metal bands lack. The song riffs surge along with a rock out with your cock out attitude backed by the trademark high vocal register of Matt. The guitar solos seem forever in coming but when they finally do they could flay you alive. ‘No Compromise’ lives up to its title as a gentle acoustic/electric intro sets the mood for a soaring but soothing vocal that shifts into overdrive for a guitar piece that’s so laid back it could be horizontal as it ends with a full on solo ridden outro.

‘High Low’ is definitely all highs and no lows as they crank it up once more with some neat guitar heavy flourishes underpinned by beautiful melodies that explode into fretboard melting solos. Even by Twisted Illusions standards ‘Medicated Society’ is absolutely bonkers but in a good way of course as the straitjackets come off at the two minute mark when the main riff kicks in and the vocals launch into the stratosphere as it ends on pummeling bass lines and an almost angelic vocal.

Album closer ‘Twisted Illusion’ took me this far without mentioning the R word but this fifteen minute epic is on a par with ‘By Tor And The Snow Dog’, point proven by the lengthy ethereal instrumental pieces that dominate the song as all Hell breaks loose for multi tempo passages punctuated by blistering guitar solos. A strong end to another vital album but my personal highlight is the previous song ‘Molly’s Smile’. Already known to me by its previous release on an E.P in 2017, this remixed version pulls at the heart strings throughout its nine minute duration. The main guitar line mellows you out for what is to follow as an all consuming spine tingling first half is blown away by a cathartic vocal as the shimmering intro chords bring us back down to Earth as outro solos end once again in those peaceful opening chords.

Stunning artwork is provided once again from Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art.

Excite The Light Part One track listing :-

Excite The Light.

No Compromise.

High Low.

Medicated Society.

Molly’s Smile.

Twisted Illusion.

Yet another masterpiece from the innovative minds of Twisted Illusion.

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