Two Tales Of Woe – M2TM Ireland 2016 Finalist – interview

Two Tales Of Woe

Two Tales Of Woe have just dropped ‘Burning Lands’, their first song in 3 years ahead of the Metal 2 The Masses Ireland Final this Saturday. Check out the video below. The lads are keeping the press train rolling with this interview that Carl and Kelvin did with us at PlanetMosh.

Congrats on getting to the final guys. Can you explain the feeling when you heard your name announced at the semi final?

It was just the best feeling in the world! It just started to hit us that finally all the hard work is starting to pay off. Getting the crowd vote in both our shows shows that we’ve the best and most loyal fans around and we’re grateful for that.

Speaking of the final. How have preparations been going?

Preparations have been going great! We’ve just released our brand new track Burning Lands that we’re extremely proud of and hope everyone likes the slightly new approach! We’re just trying to take our online promotion to the next level and practice as much as possible. We’ve a few merch surprises for Saturday too, so keep an eye on our Facebook page!

This year, how has the whole Metal 2 The Masses experience been?

The whole experience has just been amazing and the amount of talent this country has to offer is ridiculous! So many good bands! All the guys running the competition and yourself have just been so easy to get along with and feel we’ve made many new exciting relationships! We still can’t believe we’re in the final but we’re going to give it our best shot!

What would you say to bands thinking about applying for next year’s competition?

Bands for next year, just simply set yourself a good plan. Get 4/5 good tracks, work on online promotion and figure out the ways around Facebook and just interact with your fans and just keep the ball rolling, as much as you can.

Has there been a memorable moment that stands out in your mind at the shows to date?

To be honest the camaraderie of the whole competition has stood out for me.  For the most part bands are supportive and respectful of the other bands and I think this is a good time for metal in Ireland.

Personally, I feel that everyone in the final is a winner but if you were to be chosen to represent Ireland at Bloodstock, what would it mean to your band.

This music is our lives, we live this stuff every day I have lived it for 11 years, to be able to showcase that on such a grand stage would be an honour for us, to be able to share our songs with an awesome crowd who are looking to have a good time and hopefully with us.

If you could pick one song from your arsenal to let the uninitiated hear what your band is all about, what would it be?

Our brand new song BURNING LANDS, this is TWO TALES OF WOE 2016.

In 5 words, describe what we can expect from you at the final.


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