Unleashed ‘Odalheim’ cd review.


Swedish Death Metal Pioneers return with a vengeance with the follow up to ‘As Yggdrasil Trembles’ ,continuing the theme of a Norse Mythology Doomsday vision. Johnny Hedlund and his horde deliver an epic serving of regal Death Metal second to none.
From opener ’Fimbulwinter’ you’re quickly left in no doubt that the band are still at the very top of their game, and as valid now as when recording earlier masterpieces such as ‘Shadow In The Deep’.
Tracks such as ’Vinland’ and ’By Celtic And British Shores’ show how good this genre can be when performed well, unrelenting, brutal, powerful compositions delivered with a perfect balance of controlled aggression. Album closer ’The Great Battle Of Odalheim’ is simply one of the best tracks available anywhere in this genre.
For a band with so much history it can be baffling as to why there not higher up the hierarchy ladder but on the evidence of this release that is about to change.

Rating 9/10.

Unleashed are;
Johnny Hedlund – Bass and Vocals.
Fredrik Folkare – Lead Guitar.
Tomas Masgard – Rhythm Guitar.
Anders Schultz – Drums.

Track Listing;
1. Fimbulwinter.
2. Odalheim.
3. White Christ.
4. The Hour Of Defeat.
5. Gathering The Battalions.
6. Vinland.
7. Rise Of The Maya Warriors.
8. By Celtic And British Shores.
9. The Soil Of Our Fathers.
10. Germania.
11. The Great Battle Of Odalheim.

Released 20th of April via Nuclear Blast Records.

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