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On September 23, 2018
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Uriah Heep are certainly living the dream as their longevity remains keeping them at the top of the heap!

With a career that started way back in 1969, amassing twenty four studio albums on the way resulting in forty million sales, latest release Living The Dream is a welcome addition to the arsenal of Uriah Heep.

Currently available via Frontiers Music Srl its eleven tracks entertain from start to finish as opener ‘Grazed By Heaven’ is a full on heavy opus that had me playing air keyboards on my laptop! Lead vocalist Bernie Shaw delivers a powerfully melodic lead vocal backed by fiery riffing from lone member of the original line up, Mick Box. The title track rushes in on a swirls of keys from Phil Lanzon and a main riff that has come straight from the gym with some tasty wah-wah breaks midway adding to the classic rock.

I was expecting ‘Take Away My Soul’ to be a ballad but could not have been more wrong as this barnstorming six minute epic flies by on lengthy instrumental passages and gripping vocals. The dark vibes during ‘Knocking At My Door’ are more like kicking it down! ‘Rocks In The Road’, another lengthy opus at eight minutes fortunately does not outstay its welcome as Russell Gilbrook on drums pounds along with aplomb as a moody Doors like psychedelic keys lead midway piece is blown away by a huge riff that leads into a drum heavy outro.

‘Waters Flowin’ has stadium rock written all over it as sparse arrangements allow Bernie to steal the spotlight with verses that contain enough “Nah nah nahs” to get any crowd singing along. Heavy prog passages during ‘It’s All Been Said’ briefly give way to two spine tingling lone vocal verses that add a sense of calm to the storm raging throughout thus making it my personal favourite on the album. ‘Goodbye To Innocence’ seems a bit of a filler track (which makes my review 4/5 and not top marks). It has a bit of a ‘Radar Love’ groove in the drum patterns in this brief headbanger that contains enough dodgy lyrics to produce some Sid James like laughter.

‘Falling Under Your Spell’ another short one gets the album back on track with its upbeat catchy rock and sugar sweet choruses as ‘Dreams Of Yesteryear’ is a powerful end to the album containing thought provoking lyrics throughout this stirring power ballad. A bonus alternative version of ‘Take Away My Soul’ comes with the deluxe edition.

Living The Dream album track listing :-

Uriah Heep - Living The DreamGrazed By Heaven.

Living The Dream.

Take Away My Soul.

Knocking At My Door.

Rocks In The Road.

Waters Flowin’.

It’s All Been Said.

Goodbye To Innocence.

Falling Under Your Spell.

Dreams Of Yesteryear.

Take Away My Soul (alternative version).

Uriah Heep band line up :-

Mick Box – Guitar/backing vocals.

Phil Lanzon – Keyboards/co-lead vocals.

Bernie Shaw – Lead vocals.

Russell Gilbrook – Drums.

Davey Rimmer – Bass guitar/backing vocals.


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Uriah Heep are certainly living the dream as their longevity remains keeping them at the top of the heap!

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