Vega @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham


The guys of Vega descended on Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms last night (1/11/14) to a nearly packed venue for the first gig of their mini tour since releasing the new album ‘Stereo Messiah‘. Before the gig I had a brief moment to speak with brothers James and Tom Martin about various aspects of the make up of the album. We then had to make our way into the Rescue Rooms to prepare for the nights entertainment.

Supported by two bands on the night, three lads calling themselves ‘Toadstool‘ from Gloucestershire and the magical show stopping band of ‘Newman‘ both put on a great performance and got everyone in the mood for the main act!

The lights dimmed, over the p.a. system we heard the bands intro playing out. Then onto the stage came the guys one by one, and as they began to bring up the tempo for the first song, Nick walked on to complete the bands line up. Vega were here at last to treat us to the first song on the new album and title track of the said ‘Stereo Messiah‘. To my surprise everyone in the crowd knew the words to this latest track, stunning! Just goes to show you that these guys are getting bigger and pulling in the fans, and when you listen to them play you’ll understand why this is. Next song up was an old favorite ‘What The Hell’ from the previous album, and also re-released if you missed it first time around. Again everyone was straight ‘on it’, singing along with Nick and the guys giving the night a true party feel.




The room was buzzing! I tell you all now, if this was just the first night of a four gig tour, then who ever gets to enjoy the last night in London is going to have an absolute belter of a night out. These guys were really cooking on gas and put on a show to be proud of, and full credit to the fans in Nottingham too for getting on board and showing their support for the band.




Apart from a slight tech issue with James’s keyboard the guys gave us a first night to remember. The bit I liked was when they stopped playing about halfway through a song for around 15 seconds or so. It just sort of made the whole night even more memorable, as it’s these little things that stick in the mind. Also not unlike when Nick decided to have a “walkabout”in the crowd  while still singing!!

Vega 2014-11-01 22.02.39 (Small)


An absolute stream of old songs like ‘Not There For You ‘ from What The Hell and ‘Into The Wild ‘ or as the lad’s called it ( In’t Wild ) from their first album Kiss Of Life.  But one of my personal favorites was one of the new tracks ‘All Or Nothing ‘ again called by the lads in their Yorkshire tones ( All or Nout ) brilliant! The way they played for us on the night felt like I was watching a band that had been around for many years and had a solid back catalogue of hits they could call upon! Again this only has to show how professional the guys were, and I know from watching the crowd from my vantage point how much everyone enjoyed the entire gig. Still no man on the moon just yet, but I think I might have just witnessed the birth of a third Vega baby tonight!!!

So don’t waste a great night out by watching X-factor, go and get your arse’s down to a Vega gig and watch some real genuine nice guys making some real music that’ll be around long after the tv prog’s have been forgotten, over 6.000 people can’t be wrong! Plus don’t forget your getting some great sounds from the supporting bands too!



Vega are!!!!

                                      Nick Workman        James Martin        Dan Chantrey        Tom Martin        Marcus Thurston

The set list was… with the (Vega) translation from the night!

Stereo Messiah

What The Hell    ( What th Hell)

The Wild, The Weird, The Wonderful

Into The Wild     (In’t Wild)

Ballad Of The Broken Hearted  

10x Bigger Than Love

Not There For You


Kiss of Life

White Knuckle Ride

All Or Nothing    (All or Nout)

Gonna Need Some Love Tonight

Wherever We Are

Hands In The Air

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