VERBERIS set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS sets May 19th as the release date for VERBERIS’ debut tape, Vastitas. The current state of New Zealand’s VERBERIS is as obscure and uncertain as both its origins and future.

VERBERIS' VastitasWith the only certainty being the current moment, VERBERIS exists to traverse the devastating terrain of ravenous death metal from the spaces in between.

Vastitas exhibits a vitriolic dose of this, narrated with chants of ascending and descending through creation and desolation. Imbued with a hideous energy brimming with the essence of DEATH, the psychic landscape of Vastitas is vast and unknown, and requires an unyielding, unwavering hand to traverse its peaks and valleys.

VERBERIS are that very hand, clenched into an iron fist.

Tracklisting for VERBERIS’ Vastitas
1. The Primordial Rift
2. Sepulchral Slumber
3. Fangs of Pazuzu
4. Kaliginous Ascent

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