Visionary dissonant death metal arsonists Coma Cluster Void announce their debut album, Mind Cemeteries. Reveal album art.

>Much hyped multi-national visionary death metal group Coma Cluster Void are on the cusp of finally releasing their long awaited debut, Mind Cemeteries. While many first became aware of the group through a series of 2014 posts across the metal blogsphere mentioning the bands status as a 10-string guitar wielding death metal band, it quickly became evident that the music was no gimmick once more teasers and an early release of the title track, “Mind Cemeteries” was released last year.

The project came together in 2013 when modern German avant-garde composer John Strieder and fellow conductor and instrumentalist Sylvia Hinz joined forces. Over the following years other talented musicians have joined their ranks to create a terrifying yet unique vision of death metal like you’ve never heard it sound before. Beyond John Strieder on 10-string guitar and Sylvia Hinz on bass guitar and double bass recorder, the album also features a fierce dual vocalist attack from ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Mike DiSalvo and Dimensionless vocalist Austin Taylor. Rounded out by the brilliant playing of drummer Christopher Burrows, Mind Cemeteries also features vocal guest spots by well known death metal vocalist Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy) and Will Smith (Artificial Brain) as well.

Coma Cluster Void – Mind Cemeteries comes out on Friday, August 26th, and pre-orders will be available soon along with the premiere of a new song next Monday. For now, you can check out the title track “Mind Cemeteries”.


Coma Cluster Void – Mind Cemeteries Track Listing and Line-up

01. Prologue: I Am
02. Iron Empress
03. Drowning Into Sorrow
04. Path Of Lies
05. Mind Cemeteries
06. Interlude: I See Through Your Pain
07. The Hollow Gaze
08. Everything Is Meant To Kill Us
09. Petrified Tears
10. All Bitter Endings
11. Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick

– Core Line-Up: Mike DiSalvo, Vocals / Austin Taylor, Vocals / Chris Burrows, Drums / Sylvia Hinz, Bass / John Strieder, Guitars

– Interludes Line-up: Sylvia Hinz, Double Bass Recorder / Alexa Renger (Guest Musician), Violin / John Strieder, Violoncello

– Vocal Guest Spots: Will Smith (Artificial Brain) in “Mind Cemeteries” and Lord Worm in “Everything Is Meant To Kill Us” and “All Bitter Endings”

– Artwork, Mixing and Mastering by John Strieder.



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