Voivod and Doom, The Village, Dublin, Ireland 6th October 2012

Presented by Dublin Metal Events, this was Voivod’s first time in Ireland. The venue has a low stage and gave the opportunity to get up close and personal with this seminal band.

Doom hit the stage to the intro tape of  “Reality Asylum” by Crass. Doom have been about on and off since the late 80s and have never relented on their D-Beat crust attack. Tonight they opened with a shortened version of “Symptom of the Universe” with a clear and heavy sound; unfortunately they fought against an apathetic crowd; the majority of whom kept their distance from the stage.

Denis encouraged the crowd forward to minimal effect; however this did not affect the band bashing out their trademark sound with aplomb. The band have a considerable back catalogue which does sound very similar but does not make it any less enjoyable. The biggest cheer of the night went out for “Exploitation” which is best known for being covered by Nailbomb in the mid 90s. Overall a great set but the crowd lacked atmosphere and there wasn’t the usual crowd chaos that surrounds Doom gigs.

After a quick changeover the VOIVOD backdrop was raised. The crowd started to file to the front of the stage. The band casually appeared one by one looking genuinely surprised at the reception they received. A few pleasantries and the band burst into life with their war cry “Voivod”. The sound for the first two tracks was muffled and it was hard to distinguish the riffs. By the third song the sound had sorted itself out and it was time for the first of three tracks from the forthcoming album “Target Earth” due in January 2013.

The new tracks aired hinted very much towards vintage Voivod and slotted seamlessly into the set. Of course no show would be complete without the classics such as “Chaosmongers”, “Forgotten in Space”, “The Unknown Knows”, and “Psychic Vacuum”. The encore consisted of “Tribal Convictions” and “Astronomy Domine”; these two tracks gave the band considerable airtime on MTV in the late 80’s.

Since that period half the original line-up left and then rejoined, founding member Piggy died and Jason Newsted (Jasonic) joined the band for a few records. Now the band have gone full circle and have almost the original line-up with the more than capable Daniel Mongrain (Chewy) replacing Piggy. They are one of metal’s best kept secrets, get in on the action and acquire “Killing Technology”, “Dimension Hatross” and “Nothing Face” to get a flavour of this magnificent machine. A band with an expansive and diverse catalogue – do not let this band pass you by.







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