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Voodoo Six Review. Moho live Manchester 20th November 2011.


Right before I go on about how amazing Voodoo Six were tonight, I have to say Fantasist [7/10], Nightvision and Exit State were definitely top of the league. Having seen Nightvision and Exit State for the first time they completely blew me away.

Nightvision [8/10] vocalist Dave Mckee had superb vocals with a powerful high range. They had such an attractive energy that I moved right up to the front just to get closer to the action. The audience seemed to really enjoy them as much as me.

The whole accompaniment was so strong, tight and well put together. This band definitely has a future ahead of them.

I have heard so much about Exit State [8/10], so I was very excited to experience them live. They completely excelled the praises from their fans. Fantasists guitarist Oliver Cordwell stepped in as, as you may of heard Exit State are getting a new guitarist. Oliver Cordwell served the band well with his stamina and effort he had put in, he shone through as if he was one of their own.

This is a band that takes their music very seriously. You can hear their influences throughout, ranging from a very heavy metal quality, like Megadeth to a grungy sound of Nirvana, these mixtures create an interesting and unique band that is Exit State.

Now to my favorite part of the night Voodoo Six [9/10]. I was in such high spirits I was ready to rock the hell out. I was slightly disappointed as it was a pretty good turnout and at the beginning of their set the audience had sort of drifted out around the venue.

Kicking off their set with ‘Like the others did’ from their debut album Fluke? Following into songs off their brand new EP, ‘Falling Knives’ and ‘No Friend.’  What a killer start to introduce their heavy driven guitar rifts and heart pounding beats, that make you move.

Luke Purdie’s great soul and blues vocals really compliment the hard rock influences built by the rest of the band.

Both guitarists Matt Pearce and Chris Jones are extremely talented players. They literally gave me goosebumbs with their melodic and rhythmic rifts and intricate solos.

Voodoo Six were by far the most highly entertaining band of the night; I think the right term to use here is battle of the egos! They have the attitudes of rock stars and it works.
As they progress through their set Luke begins to take control of his spectators. I noticed some serious contagious head banging going on and mimicking actions of what was held on stage. ‘Take the Blame’ was thee song of the night; fans were actually going crazy with excitement.

The build ups and hesitations were stimulating the audience, ending in orgasmic release of the final song ‘Long way from Home’. I say Voodoo Six know exactly how to please their devotees. If you haven’t heard of Voodoo Six; what are you waiting for?

Set List

Like the Others Did
Falling Knives
No Friend
Take Aim
Feed my Soul
Underneath my Skin
Live Again
Something for you
Take the Blame
Sharp Sand
Doing me Wrong
Long Way From Home

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