Vreid interview with Steingrim – August 2014

Steingrim the drummer from Vreid takes the time out to fill in this email intervew about their Sognametal sets at Hellfest & Wacken, their up coming tour and more :)

How did you come up with the Sognametal idea?

Vreid-SteingrimWell, the idea actually was born in the lounge of the tourbus in early 2013. We really wanted to do something special after playing together for 20 years, as Ulcus, Windir and later on (since 2004) Vreid. At the same time Vegard was about to ask us about doing some shows marking the 20th anniversary for Windir. Since we both thought about doing the same the choice was easy to go on with the plans so to say.

How hard was it to pick the songs that you were going to play.

The backcatalouge is quite big, but actually this was not to hard. Although we had some discussions it actually was quite easy to agree upon the set-list.

I seen part of the Hellfest set it was superb, how was it for you guys?

Hellfest was great and HOT! Like the other big festivals Hellfest is very well organized, so coming there as a band is quite smooth.

Did you enjoy playing Wacken, you had Dolk on stage instead of Sture!

Wacken was, as always, very very cool. I just love to play theree. Dolk joined us there as Sture was at home “reproducing”. Sture will be back for the tour later on this autumn. That said, Dolk did a hell of a job, and we couldn’t have asked for any better replacement!

Particular favourite track/album that you have done and why?

For me personally;
Windir: “Svartasmeden og Lunnamyrstrollet” from the “Arntor”-album
Vreid: “Eldast utan å gro” from the “Kraft”-album
Ulcus: “Profound Power” from the “Cherish the Obscure”-album

vreid-wellcome-farewell-3910Any particular memorable gig story you would like to share?

There are so many, but if I have to pick one I’ll go for the one when Sture introduced us as “Enslaved” on their Isa-tour in 2005. After touring with them for 6 weeks straight I guess he’s kind of excused, but I still can remebmer the mix of disbelief, embarrasment and laughter when we entered the stage and he screams: ” Hello, We are Enslaved from Norway….”.

What do you like the most and least about today’s metal scene?

I like most.. Hmm.. That must be the enormous variety of class-bands that have emerged during the later years, and all the nice people we meet while touring. I like least.. I guess the fact that some bands think they’re bigger than they actually are – and behaving like shit.. (No names mentioned, but..)

What artist or bands do you recommend that we look out for?

Year of the Goat from Sweden. Class!

What are the plans for the rest of this year.

We’re touring in October (check the dates on our website/Facebook-site (VREID OFFICIAL). Also we’re pre-producing the next Vreid-album. Hopefully there will be a release in 2015, at least that is what’s planned.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We’re getting older ( :-) ) but I still se us recording and touring worldwide.

Any final message for the readers.

Come see us live in October if you can, it will be a blast!! And SKÅL of course! Steingrim

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