WACKEN 2014 – Camping Site & Holy Wacken Land Maps plus info regarding new entrance check points

And here are the new area maps for Wacken 2014! As usual we have uploaded the maps for Holy Wacken Land and the Camping Site Map.

Wacken 2014 Camping MapThe Camping Site Map shows you an overview of the whole area including all camping sites.
The camping map informs about all kinds of camping areas (for example camping only, handicapped and so on) as well as locations of supermarkets, shower camps, garbage bases and all other important positions beyond the festival area.

The Holy Wacken Land Map shows detailed information about the festival area which, like in the last two years, is trisected into Wacken Center, Wacken Plaza and Infield.

The plans can be downloaded in our MAPS section as PDF data.
So take a look!

New position of the entrance check points:

It always took quite a long time for our visitors to switch between Bullhead City Area, Wackinger Village, Beergarden, Metal-market and Infield due to our entrance checks.

Holy Wacken land 2014 mapTo make your distances as short as possible we are going to relocate those entrance check points, so you are saving time. Now, they will be located at the entrance to the Wackinger/BHC and next to the metal market.

Therefore we can fuse the Wacken Plaza, Wacken Centre BHC Area and Infield to one big festival area. Within this area you can now move without restrictions.

All entrances and exits at the Infield are still going to remain there. They will remain also at the Party Stage. But except from a festival wristband check there will be no further security controls.
We hope we can provide you shorter distances and more time saving.

Post taken from the Official Wacken Website.





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