WACKEN 2014 – Latest News Round Up

Bad PiperCatch up on the latest news from Wacken!

The Badpiper replaces the Metal Battle Russia finalist

Due to organizational reasons, Russia can’t send a finalist to this year’s Metal Battle finals at Wacken. Because of this, The Badpiper and his unique performance will fill the free slot.

W:O:A Metal Battle 2014 – The Prizes

Wacken 2014 Metal BattleEvery year more than 30 international bands are competing to win the W:O:A Metal Battle – and this year for the 10th time in a row. National preliminaries and final rounds took place everywhere between Canada & South America to Europe, Africa and Asia. In one week all of those finalists will play at Wacken and show the audience what they are made of.

Also this year we will support the winning bands with amazing prizes but this time we have an additional surprise: This time the 5 best bands will be awarded!

The Wacken Foundation will support the 5 best bands with trophy money. The first place will receive a 5.000€ donation from the Wacken Foundation, the second place a 4.000€, the third 3.000€, the fourth 2.000€ and the fifth 1.000€.

Additional to that there will be more amazing endorsement prizes from our partners like for example Marshall, Paiste, Randall, Markbass, Washburn, Parallaxe and more.

For more detailed information about the prizes please check: www.metal-battle.com/info/prizes

Drinkable water and water supply points at W:O:A 2014

Dear Metalheads,  the weather forecast for the next week is promising sunny weather and warm temperatures. At this point we want to inform you about all the possibilities to get fresh drinkable water on the festival ground.

Wacken bagA proper solution for this task are the new foldable drinking bottles which everyone of you will get within this year´s Full:Metal:Bag.

Let´s begin with the Infield – Situated on the left and on the right of True Metal Stage and Black Stage you can find 2 bigger water supply points at the sanitary facilitis. These are tagged with a well symbol on the Holy Wacken Land map (You can download it HERE). Further you can draw water on all further sanitary facilities with a washbasin. On all these points you can draw fresh drinking water FOR FREE.

Further you can buy mineral water at almost all concession stands and cocktail stands on the infield. The Beck´s stands for example will offer “Wacken Aqua” mineral water.

On the campgrounds you can draw water on the 5 big shower camps (S1-S5). The exact positions can be found on the campsite map (You can download it HERE).

Meet and Greet Schedule 2014

Want to shake hands with your favourite bands at the Wacken Open Air? The Meet & Greet Stands are (as always) situated on the left of True Metal Stage and Black Stage (Pos 25 on the Holy Wacken Land map).

The Meet & Greets will take place on 3 days (Thursday to Saturday) at 2 stands.

(IMPORTANT: Subject to Change!)  You can find the schedule HERE

Mobile devices charging possibilities at W:O:A 2014

Wacken Electric HotelWe have again prepared some possibilities to charge your mobile devices at Wacken. If you want to avoid empty batteries, check them out!

Possibility 1:
The Electric Hotel at Wacken Plaza – more than 400 devices can be charged here simultaneously. And you don’t even need to have your own charging cable with you!

Possibility 2:
The Wacken-Foundation Camp – there are two bicycles at the Camp, both connected with powerful generators. This combination allows you, to get your devices back to life by your own muscle power.

Possibility 3:
The W:O:A Info Office – our service center at the main road of Wacken is as always open round around the clock. Next to the known service offers, you can also charge your devices here.

Attention Users of Android and iOS devices! Have you already checked our official W:O:A Mobile App? The app is the perfect companion for the whole festival and supplies you with the most important information.

Wacken wifiThe version for Android Devices can be found at the Google Play Store
The version for Apple iPhones can be found at the iTunes Store

WiFi at Wacken 2014

There will be WiFi Hotspots available at the 25th Anniversary. This year we can provide Wi-Fi FOR FREE but limited to 15 minutes daily so that every metal head has the chance to use it.

WiFi Hotspots at W:O:A 2014 are available at the following positions:
– at the Wacken Plaza
Bull’s Eye Sauce– at the Shower Camp S3 (Exit Wackinger Area)
– at the Wacken Foundation Camp (Wacken Center)

We hope that we have served you well with this.

Bull’s Eye raffle

The combination of metal, beer and BBQ is always a good idea. And again we will be supported by Bull’s Eye at this topic! The BBQ experts are now raffling 10 BBQ-sets with tasty sauces and one big kettle grill as the main prize.

All prizes can be picked up at the festival itself, at the Bull’s Eye stall near the Bullhead City Circus.

To participate at the raffle, just send an email with your full name, your residence and the subject “Bull’s Eye” to verlosung@wacken.com. Closing date is the 28th of July 2014!

Wacken metal heartMetal Heart – new area at the festival ground

The Metal Heart will be an all new lounge-like area at the Wacken Plaza where you will have the opportunity to get in touch with other Metalheads and relax to the sound of calm metal hymns.

The Area (Pos. 89) will be located at the new passage between Wacken Plaza and Wacken Center. (Siehe Maps)





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