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# AXL ROSE … (again)

We don’t know how he does it but he has officially become this years favourite lamer. When fans demand cash back for waste-of-time tickets to “see” Axl live, this leaves our little ginger friend a bit on the poor side. So, the next best way to make some quick easy money (no we’re not talking about drug trafficing or prostitution) is to sue someone. That’s right! Alx Rose is suing Guitar Hero creators Activision for more than $20 million for basically using the Slash character featured in Guitar Hero III with Guns n Roses song “Welcome To The Jungle” (which Slash originally played on). Need I say more? You can see the official court documents exclusive to Radar Online at this link.


October 2010


This month we’ve decided that Trivium deserve this month’s spot on the Wall of Lame (AGAIN) for their epic lameness. We’re not talking about their music here. Noo no. We’re talking about their new “recruit-more-fans” video that is made up of shot clips of fans talking about how great Trivium are. Of the 7 fans that actually responded to their “make a video” request, guess how many of them were actually wearing a Trivium t-shirt for the video. DING DING, correct. None of them! Just to top off this move of lameness, they actually finished the video off with a clip of Metallica… The band they long to be but will never be anything like. Lets not forget the reason they made their first appearance on our wall of lame. I believe it was something to do with Trivium claiming that they were going to be “bigger and better than Metallica”, which were Matt Heafy’s words as support for Iron Maiden at Sheffield arena in 2006. Don’t just take my word for this retardation. Watch the video for yourself.

September 2010

#AXL ROSE (Guns ‘n’ Roses)

Ok, so not strictly metal but too lame not to be shamed. Recent events have proven that Axl Rose is still living up to his sissy fit reputation that he’s given himself since who cares when. The fact of the matter is, he shows up late to his shows, throws a sissy fit, blames the nearest road crew, storms off stage and refuses to return until he is told to do so like a 5 year old kid!

August 2010

To restart the PlanetMosh wall of lame we have chosen Bloodstock Open Air festival to be this month’s Wall of lamer.
Not only have they banned this that and the other for this years festival but they are forbidding professional equipment in the most unprofessional way. Check this out on their list of “What not to bring”:
This quote can be found at this link

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 Remember guys… It’s just for fun!

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