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Romulus and Remus. Orville and Wilbur Wright. Liam and Noel Gallagher. These pairs of genetically similar men now walk the halls of myth and legend. All risked everything, with nothing but a dream and each other’s blood running through their veins. Now, a new brotherly duo seek, too, to tread these hallowed hallways. The brothers Eveleigh (Lucas and Kristian to friends and colleagues), or the front-people of Portsmouth’s “most forward-thinking and impressive” (Mix It All Up) post-punk band: Web. The guitar-strangling, womb-sharing, all-singing some-dancing pair collide with the formidable rhythms provided by stick-breaker Ben Roe and bass-slapper Josh Lake to create a uniquely dark psychedelic sound.

Their live shows are an intense sonic experience, and pre-lockdown they’ve shared stages with the likes of Sorry, The Wants and Lice. Web’s songs are muscular, twitching, unpredictable animals that revel in the confusion and fear of their listeners. New single Intimidation & Shame is one such track; unapologetically flexing both brutal riffs and powerful vocals. Inspired by the heaviness of Swans, the atmosphere of Slint and the technicality of black midi, Intimidation & Shame was forged in sweaty rehearsal rooms and evolved on stage through rigorous improvisation and jamming. It’s a grunge scorcher that covers elements of post-punk, post-rock, hardcore and industrial in its compact 3 minutes. “Masculinity is the core theme of the song” says Kristian, who also painted the Bacon-esque artwork. “It’s about that feeling of anger at yourself for having been intimidated by another person. That’s a very raw and powerful emotion, and we feel like this song really captures it.

It’s cathartic” continues Lucas. “A lot of the rock and punk music around right now doesn’t go as hard as it could. We love heavy music and it’s exciting to make it in a non-metal context, finding new ways to be heavy without being metallic.”

Intimidation & Shame is available on all major streaming services from July 10th 2020
Listen now HERE // Stream HERE
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