White coast rebels – Hangin’ with the bad boys

White coast rebels - Hangin with the bad boysWhite Coast Rebels are a band from the Costa Blanca (White coast) in Spain.  In 2011 they appeared on the TV series Benidorm on ITV which boosted their profile.  They’ve previously released an EP, “No cliche left behind”, and now have released their debut album – Hangin’ with the bad boys.

A few comments on the album..

The album kicks off with “Hangin’ with the bad boys”.  I’m not quite sure what to make of the song to be honest.  In some ways it’s sleazy hard rock – the lyrics for example and the music much of the time, and the vocals part of the time.  In other ways though it’s more of a melodic rock song with smooth vocals and a big chorus.  The problem is that the song has two different sounds and as a result just doesnt quite work – with harder more aggrssive vocals and without that melodic rock style chorus then it would have a much more consistent feel and sound much better for it.

With the second track “Lock up your daughters” thing improve – it’s got the consistent hard rock feel that the first track failed to achieve.  It’s nothing particularly original or earth shattering, but it is a good solid rock song.

With “Buried & dead” things continue to improve with a great song and some great vocals.

The almost obligatory ballad is “Side by side”.  It’s a good ballad, played mainly on the acoustic guitar but with some electric guitar parts too to give it a bit of power when needed.

A very good album that’s well worth listening to.

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:

1. Hangin’ with the bad boys
2. Lock up your daughters
3. Buried & dead
4. Nightmare
5. I love you, baby – baby
6. Once more
7. L.U.R.V
8. Psycho
9. The way
10. Heartbroken in paradise
11. Side by side
12. The power inside
13. Burn in hell
14. Buried & dead (Bonus track from the EP No cliche left behind)

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