WHITE VOID | release ‘GosT Remix’ for track ‘Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing’

WHITE VOID | release ‘GosT Remix’ for track ‘Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing’

WHITE VOID – ‘Where You Go You’ll Bring Nothing’ – Gost Remix (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER VIDEO)
eclectic Norwegian hard rock band White Void featuring Lars Nedland are proud to release their first entry in a series of remixes from their much lauded debut album, Anti, which was released on March 12th of this year.

None other than acclaimed dark synthwave artist GosT took the White Void song ‘Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing’ and laid bare its 80s electro wave potential, focusing on the track’s dreamy and elegiac side at first, but glancing at the dancefloor towards the end.

‘Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing – GosT Remix’

Official Visualizer Video: https://youtu.be/o6vcefrHIUg
Stream the track: https://bfan.link/where-you-go-youll-bring-nothing

Lars Nedland commented,
“Darkness and gloom come in many forms, and I’ve always been a fan of the tinted melancholy of GosT. It was pretty evident that the gritty neon of White Void and the darkness of GosT would be a great match, and the result is a haunting remix of ‘Where You Go You’ll Bring Nothing‘.
It’s a melancholic piece given new vigour and potency by the riveting soundscapes of GosT and by James’ curious capacity for melodic deconstruction. Picture the undead dancing in the neon lights of the city. This is the sound of a night glowing in colourful gloom.”

GosT adds,
The vocal performance on this track alone was very inspiring to work with. I really enjoy remixing songs from genres other than electronic as a sort of challenge. The build of this song throughout, along with the transitions, made for an extremely entertaining remix process.

BUY or STREAM the album Anti here:
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Lars Nedland- Vocals
Tobias Solbakk – Drums
Vegard Kummen – Bass
Eivind Marum – Guitar

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