The first thing that hits you when you first hear the new white widow cd, is how much bigger the songs sound, compared the the debut, released a little over a year ago,. The songs are better written, but it’s the production that sets this one apart, Grand Design main-man Palle Saether has been enlisted to do that job, and he has excelled here, the songs all sound big, with huge drums sounds and soaring guitars.
“Do You Remember.’ Has a Def leppard ballad sound, while “Strangers In The Night’, ‘Reckless Nights’ and ‘Serenade’, all have that “radio friendly” sound to them.
Having said all that, the sound is very much influenced by the eighties, with lush keyboards and runaway guitar solo’s, however where the 80’s where mostly about keyboard laden songs, this is very different, the keyboards are prominent, yet never overpowering, they compliment the song’s here beautifully.
Keyboardist Xavier Millis and the guitarist Enzo Almanzi work well together, with neither of them fighting for top spot ( if only Journey currently didn’t have that problem ) to produce an album of outstanding AOR.
Jules Millis sings his heart out on each song here, and no more so than the beautifully crafted “Patiently’, a master class in ballad writing.
“How Far I Run’, is the stand out song on “Serenade”, a big melodic anthem filled with a big and catchy chorus.
A well deserved 8/10

Band Lineup:
• Jules Millis – Vocals
• Enzo Almanzi – Guitar
• Trent Wilson – Bass
• Xavier Millis – Keyboards
• Jim Naish – Drums

Track listing

1. Cry Wolf
2. Strangers in the night
3. Do You remember
4. Reckless Nights
5. How Far I Run
6. Serenade
7. Show Your Cards
8. Mistake
9. Patiently
10. Love Won’t Wait

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