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On 20 May 2019
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It's a great Whitesnake album

Whitesnake’s new album, “Flesh & blood” comes four years after the release of their previous album (The Purple album), but since that was a covers album, it’s actually been eight years since the last album of new material from the band.

As you’d expect from Whitesnake there’s plenty of great guitar work, which is no surprise given that guitarists Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach both made a major contribution to the writing on this album with each of them cowriting almost half the tracks on the album.

Check out the video for “Shut up & kiss me”…

One question that people are bound to ask is how David Coverdale’s voice sounds. The short answer is that it sounds great. A studio recording is always going to sound better than a live show as it gives the singer the chance to spread out the recordings to minimise vocal stress whereas in a live show it’s more or less non-stop, and of course multiple takes can be done in the studio. On this album his voice sounds great – ok the songs don’t call for the sort of powerful high notes that you might have heard 30 or 40 years ago, but that’s just common sense – making music to suit his voice. Coverdale may not have the voice he had 40 years ago but he’s still got a voice many singers would kill to have.

It’s a great Whitesnake album sounding like a cross between “Forevermore” and 80s Whitesnake. There are no attempts to try anything radically new that might upset existing fans, instead it’s a great solid Whitesnake albums that fans are sure to enjoy.

“Flesh & blood” is out now

Track listing:

1. Good to see you again
2. Gonna be alright
3. Shut up & kiss me
4. Hey you (you make me rock)
5. Always & forever
6. When I think of you (color me blue)
7. Trouble is your middle name
8. Flesh & blood
9. Well I never
10. Heart of stone
11. Get up
12. After all
13. Sands of time
14. Can’t do right for doing wrong (Bonus track)
15. If I can’t have you

It's a great Whitesnake album

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