Wildfire Festival 2015 Poll

Wildfire logoWildfire Festival have launched a poll to see what band you want to return for next year’s festival.

Organiser Dave Ritchie comments:

“Wow, what can we say? Excellent weekend and the feedback is overwhelming. Thanks for coming along or supporting us on the journey. We have more planned for 2016 and work starts today. As usual, I personally got to see only a handful of bands but the feedback on some has been very positive.

We have set up a poll on our FB page that perhaps you would kind enough to publicise for us, as we firstly look at one or two artists we would like to return in 2016.”

To enter your vote in the ‘Which band would you like to see return to Wildfire Festival in 2016‘ Poll click here.

Tickets for next years festivals are on sale now at a special Early Bird price of £60 for a full weekend with camping so grab them while you can as you definitely want to be there next year :)

Team Planetmosh had a superb weeekend at this years Wildfire Festival. We would like to thank Dave and all of the Wildfire Team, the bands and basically everyone involved for such a great weekend. Keep an eye out as all the photos, interviews and reviews will be up soon.

Band Applications for the 2016 festival. Send an email with band EPK to wewanttoplay@wildfirefestival.co.uk



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