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Wille and the Bandits

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UK roots rockers' Wille and the Bandits 2013 disc, Grow, reviewed @PlanetMosh by @lashmosh.


British “roots” rockers Wille and the Bandits released their full-length album, Grow, in 2013.

This is an 11 track opus, consisting of varied tunes, with a sound fairly far from singer-songwriter folk and Americana that’s conjured up with usual thoughts of ‘roots’.

The band has two secrets to their punchy sound: a six string electric bass, and an acoustic guitar run through an effects board.

Many songs (like “Gotta Do Better” and “Gypsy Woman”) have a modern, almost edgy, electric twang to them: Grow shakes, rocks, and rolls.

With tunes that range from modern heavy rock, updated funk, slide-drenched juicy Delta blues, to gentle acoustic breezes, Grow presents a pure joy of sonic variety.

Culturally relevant, socially aware lyrics keep the band relevant and recognizable.

Poignant slide guitar, plus a wide variety of percussion add depth and interest.

Bass guitar often shares the sonic limelight with lead; it’s electrified groove running clearly through each song.

Vocals tend to be gruff, gritty, and sincere, without excess polish.

It’s easy to hear how these guys landed support slots with Joe Bonamassa and Deep Purple: they’ve got great chops to match a catchy, distinctive sound.

Track Listing:
Gotta Do Better
Gypsy Woman
Try To Be Yourself
Under The Grove
Butterfly For A Day
Still Go Marching On
Why Díyou Do It
Son Of A Gun
Keep Moving On

Band lineup:
Wille – acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Matt – six-string bass guitar
Andrew – percussion

Official Band Website
Official Band Facebook Page
Official Band YouTube Channel

UK roots rockers' Wille and the Bandits 2013 disc, Grow, reviewed @PlanetMosh by @lashmosh.

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