The Wilson Playlist of Fuckery – An All Out Guide To Rockin’ Your Noggin

Wilson – Chad Nicefield (centre)

Those guys in Wilson have been tearing up venues across the globe since the release of their debut album ‘Full Blast Fuckery‘ back in 2014. They’ve just returned to Detroit after a hellraising tour of the UK (read our Glasgow review here) supporting their latest release ‘Right To Rise‘ and rather than sit back and reminisce, they are hitting the road with We Came As Romans, Megadeth, Steel Panther, Filter and more all across the USA.

How lead singer Chad Nicefield has any time to himself is a mystery to us at PlanetMosh, but being the Grand Ambassador of Fuckery, he has selected his ten favourite songs to back up his manifesto.

The Wilson Playlist of Fuckery – An All Out Guide To Rockin’ Your Noggin

1.       Danko Jones – “Do You Wanna Rock”

I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone why Danko Jones is a modern day king of the party anthems, but to those who are unfamiliar – think Motorhead meets Turbo Negro (and if you don’t know who either of those bands are – what the fuck is wrong with you!?)!

2.       The Bronx – “Shitty Future”

Wanna not be a total ass wipe?  Pop on this track, crack your knuckles, breathe deep and smash a fucking mailbox while ripping through your childhood neighbourhood in your ’84 Volkswagon Jetta…’cause this moment right here…might be your last!

3.       Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak”

If you know ANYTHING about ‘The Nicefields’ you know EVERYTHING about this song.  Jailbreak was first introduced to me in the 90’s by my father, who threw my Sir Mix A Lot tape out of our car mid-first verse of ‘Baby Got Back’ and replaced it with the record of the same song title.  This jam has stayed tried and true to my inner being ever since!

4.       Clutch – “Escape From The Prison Planet”

Thanks to a heavy dose of Neanderthal friends, I first smoked the ol’ ganja to this song at a ripe age of 13 years old.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and it made me want to get higher than fuck.

5.       The Black Crowes – “Hard To Handle”

My anthem for my love life.  Thanks to yet again my father, I was introduced at an early age to what it was like to be sexy AND sleazy.  Nothing in this world will make a rod harder or a woman’s field of glory feel like the grass on a warm spring morning more than a lil’ Black Crowes.

6.       Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – “Juggernaut”

‘Cause fuck you!

7.       Eagles Of Death Metal – “I Want You So Hard”

I can’t stress enough to anyone how much I love this band and all it embodies.  This is the perfect ‘summertime in the garage working on your bike for the weekend…when you know you’re gunna get laid this weekend’ song.

8.       Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Eric Nally – “Downtown”

I don’t give a crap who you are, this song is a ram jammer!  I LOVE ERIC IN THIS AS WELL!  Such a fun tune to drink a few “parking lot creeps” to.

9.       The Toadies – “Possum Kingdom”

We here in WILSON love the 90’s.  This was one of the first bands that I found on my own that “spoke to me”.  I love this track with all of my heart and it has provided the soundtrack to some of my life’s BEST times!  In fact, ALL of Rubberneck is the soundtrack to my primitive years.

10.   Sir Mix A Lot – “Baby Got Back”

Once a rebel – always a rebel!  Try and stop me now, Dad!!


Thanks to Chad for throwing down this awesome playlist.

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