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Hailing from Antwerp, this five track E.P. from Wings Of The Fallen has been out for a while now but I must admit, was one that had slipped under my radar, until now.

The first thing that impressed me was the fact that this release is the result solely of the bands own efforts, no mean feat in today’s economic climate, of course, one could argue that the production sound could have done with a few more thousands of Euros chucked at it but if I’ve learnt one thing from listening to many a self produced release, it’s to look beyond, and focus on the lyrical and musical content, rather than the cosmetic.

The bands name may initially suggest that it’s a same old same old Gothic Metal affair with a female vocalist, trying to make their way in an over crowded market place. Nothing could be further from the truth in all honesty, this E.P. smacks of good old classic Metal riffs, harking back to the golden era of N.W.O.B.H.M. and in particular early Maiden, not in a rip off sense I might add but the influence is without doubt there, surfacing as it does throughout the record.

Opener “Shadow Of Sorrow” is, in my view, the track that takes longest to digest, as it is quite a technical piece, with many a twist and turn along the way, fueled by a really solid drum sound that impressed me straight away. From then on, the remainder, is a lot more melodic and accessible in its content, vocalist Dana Del Favero putting in a great performance, very emotionally charged, almost ethereal in her delivery but not afraid to let rip when needs must either.

My personal favourite “Fall From Grace” is a good demonstration of what the band are about, good solid, classic riffs, performed with a contemporary twist and obvious passion.

The E.P.’s closer “First Class Musician” is an unashamedly from the heart tribute to former drummer Mattias Goris, who was sadly taken at just 22 years of age, which puts a lot of things we complain and moan about in life into perspective really.

On the whole, I really enjoyed this release, the band have bags of developing talent and show great promise, one to keep tabs on for sure.

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Track Listing;

1. Shadow Of Sorrow
2. Vengeance Burns
3. Godless Resurgence
4. Fall From Grace
Bonus track
5. First Class Musician

Wings Of The Fallen are;

Dana Del Favero – Vocals
Nicolas Vanderhallen – Drums
Stefan Verdyck – Guitar
Nicky Del Favero – Guitar
Cédric Dezitter – Bass

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