Winter In Eden – ‘Echoes Of Betrayal’


Britain’s female fronted symphonic metallers deliver an absolute belter of an album.
A collection of a neat round dozen of orchestral laden Gothic tinged songs led by the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Vicky Johnson which captivate from start to finish.

The album combines both ‘radio friendly’ catchy tracks such as ‘Lies’ together with the darker tones of tracks like ‘Suffer In Silence’ to great effect, creating an offering that twists and turns and never dips into repetitiveness at any point. Trying to draw comparisons with other bands is difficult but if you took the lighters in the air sing a longs of Within Temptation, combined them with the Gothic emotion of Amy Lee and then threw in a bit of Delain and Edenbridge you might get somewhere near the mark but as I say comparing Winter In Eden with anyone else isn’t easy, such is the strength of their own compositions.


Where the band score is in the way that everything about the music is well balanced, no need for operatic warbling when you have the from the heart voice of Vicky, the orchestra parts are there to compliment the songs rather than dominate, which in itself represents a refreshing change from many releases by their contemporaries. Throw in some really excellent guitar work and keyboards and this album really does make you sit up and take notice.
Hopefully the U.K. finally has a worthy challenger to the dominance of the European giants of this genre.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. For The Few.
2. Possession.
3. The Awakening Chapter III – Regret.
4. The Awakening Chapter IV – Torment.
5. The Awakening Chapter V – Descension.
6. Trapped.
7. Lies.
8. Suffer In Silence.
9. Eyes Of A Child.
10. What We Leave Behind.
11. Stone Cold.
12. The Secret Room.

Out now via Lycan Records.

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