Wolfsbane Save The World – Album Review

Right then personally I have been waiting for this album for a very long time, the welcome news that Wolfsbane had reformed and were heading into the studio to record a brand new album was like the promise of my favourite present at Christmas but being told in March. A taste of what was to come was delivered in April at their sold out Borderline show coincidently their first headline show in some 20 odd years with the track “Did it for the Money” which was well received by the live audience and so now some seven months on I finally have a copy (albeit digital at the moment) in my grubby little hands and as I write this introduction “Wolfsbane Save The World” is getting its first play out through my stereo however I am not going mention songs specifics just yet as I want to hear the whole album before that however I will say this, are you familiar with that sensation of goose bumps when your hear something that truly touches you and makes you happy (some of you out there now have your minds in the gutter however I admit I did lead you there) but seriously the feeling is almost euphoric (not quite but nearly) well that’s what I mean but maybe I am biased.

Right then on to some of the tracks, yes that right some of them for the rest you’ll have to buy the album and make your own minds up but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

“Blue Sky” the opening track comes straight in with a lovely rolling bass line, steady high hi hat and catchy riff then Jase supplies a mood building sort of intro solo, then Blaze is there with his unmistakable vocals, Danger and Jeff hold the rhythm beautifully. The chorus is incredibly catchy and as I am writing this I am singing along on just the second listen, it finishes high and could definitely be a possible live track?

“Starlight” wow! Just wow! This track gave my goose bumps goose bumps! I am saying no more just go and listen to it!

“Smoke and Red Light” which is track five begins thumpy and Blaze jumps in quick with the first verse, this is a brilliantly balls out rock’n’roll song with an awesome chorus. My god I am loving listening to this! Some of the lyrics in this song are fantastic “I got a hold down job cleaning up puke” truly an album highlight. An absolutely face melting solo into a stripped back that built back up chorus really makes this a definite live performance (if it’s not I am gonna be pissed off – hint).

“Who Are You Now” Danger brings this one in with alone then joined by Jeff and a second later Jase, beautiful hooks and soaring vocals from Blaze bring this one out for me, the outro is very different to what you’ll be used to but I think it ends the song fantastically.

The album plays out on “Did it For The Money” and this was the title track of the four track brought out back in April and just emphasises to me that they really have not done this for the money but for one reason and that is to go back in to the studio and make a record for you the people and what a record, this album is a proper rock record, start to finish! So scrape your pennies together and buy this album I personally think you will not regret it – Welcome back Wolfsbane and thank you for saving the world!

Rating 10/10 – Album of the year, no scratch that album of the century!

The album is currently only available from the Wolfbane website so head over there now and get yourself a copy!

You can do it by clicking this link

H.M.S Rule!

Wolfbane hit the road this December with following shows:

24 Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
25 Nov O2 Academy 2 Newcastle
26 Nov O2 ABC 2 Glasgow
27 Nov O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
29 Nov Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
30 Nov Joiners Southampton
01 Dec O2 Academy Islington London
02 Dec Hard Rock Hell Prestatyn
03 Dec O2 Academy 3 Birmingham
04 Dec O2 Academy 3 Oxford


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