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Your Last Wish – Desolation

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Your Last Wish

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On March 18, 2014
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A brief review of Desolation, the 2013 disc by Montreal's Your Last Wish.


Montreal, Canada’s Your Last Wish is a melodic extreme metal outfit featuring founding member Dave Gagne alongside a fresh crop of talented metalhead musicians.

The band released 2013’s Desolation through Maple Metal Records.

Desolation features 11 tracks of fairly intricately produced “melodeath”, showcasing the vocals of Roxana Bouchard.

Tunes feature fairly complex arrangements, utilizing the extended range of eight-string guitars.

More complex, less hook-driven songs seem to be geared towards an audience who wants to be wowed more then moved.

The band pays homage to Meshuggah or Arch Enemy in some places, Darkest Hour in others, and fans of those bands, or melodic death metal, will enjoy the disc.


Crisis to Creation
Autistic Mind
Hastening Death
Le Pacte
Collision Course

Band Lineup:
Roxana Bouchard – Vocals
Dave Gagne – Guitar
Victor Mattos – Guitar
Louis Goulet – Bass
Steven Vaccarella – Drums

Official Band Facebook page
Official Band Bandcamp page


A brief review of Desolation, the 2013 disc by Montreal's Your Last Wish.

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