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Angular riff beasts ZEBEDY are creating a stir for their twisted and engulfing sound. The band reboot their ‘Set The Pace’ EP on 15th Sept. Before then, we ask a few burning questions:


What is the full band line-up, who plays what?


Jonny H-S – Guitar and Vocals,

David H-S – Bass and Vocals,

Tom Dyson – Drums and Vocals,

Ben Chamberlain – Guitar and Vocals.


How and when did the band form?

We started out as group of musicians who were asked to fill in for a band that pulled out of a gig in Colwyn bay. We got together and there was a connection (nothing like what we sound like now, it was funk and blues and jammin), only Jonny and David are still in the band from then.



Tell us anything interesting about your hometown.

Llandudno has the second biggest rock in the world (great orme) after Ayers rock in Australia and it was mentioned in Thor 2


When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

Zebedy really started to gel in 2009, when made a song called ‘Pandemonium’. This is where we did our first ever vocals and melodies and lyrics, it is a 10 minute song on our first album where the vocals only start 6 minutes in, we knew then we had something.



What are your musical influences?

Our main musical influences to date are Reuben, Fightstar, Biffy Clyro, SikTh, Karnivool, Architects, Radiohead, Tool, Killswitch Engage and Dream Theater.



How far back does your history with each other (the band members) extend?

Jonny and David are brothers, and Ben is their cousin. Tom was a drummer for one of Jonny’s friend’s bands back when Tom was only 17, he has grown into a well rounded drummer, as we’ve grown as a band.


In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?

We play to our strengths and we are not all into the same bands, so we draw influences from all the acts we like.


If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?


For a start, I would write it down, probably make communication easier. I would say we are dynamic, like a roller-coaster throwing you from one thing to the next then a build-up and a big drop, in a beautiful way at times. Not everyone likes roller-coaster but people who do, love it.


Where can we find your social media sites?


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