Zico Chain – Sound Control, Manchester, 10th October 2013

For the penultimate night of their sixteen date UK tour Zico Chain came to Sound Control, Manchester. The venue has different rooms and today’s gig was taking place on the ground floor. A smallish venue with, on the minus side, pesky pillars but on the plus side, a bit of seating for the old and weary.

The opening act came from Iodine Sky a Nu Metal band from Manchester. Azz has a good voice but the sound was a bit distorted in parts, and it was difficult to catch the speaking between songs. The band looked were clearly enjoying themselves though and got some audience participation with people singing along to Who Knows Who. The last song So Far Away was an interesting fusion of aggressive singing and mellower singing. I would like to see them at another venue.

Azz, singer from Manchester based Iodine Sky,
Azz, singer from Manchester based Iodine Sky,

Set list:

I can hear you / Rise / Summer Song / Who Knows You / From The New / So Far Away

Band Members:
Adam ‘Adz’ Galloway – Drums & backing vocals
Aaron ‘Azz’ Ward – Lead vocals & guitar
Ben Lemasurier – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Marc Dawson – Bass & backing vocals

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iodineskyofficial

Exit State opened with Pull the Thread a dong with a strong bass line. Bass player Phil was certainly giving it his all throughout, he’s a great performer and fun to watch. Sun in My Eyes came next then there was a worrying moment at the start of their song Crystalline (with proceeds going to children’s’ charity chARTUK) as it looked like it was about to kick off. Peat actually left his drum kit, came out into the audience and managed to diffuse the situation. Luckily all was relatively calm after that, or calm as a Rock Gig can be! A heartfelt performance of I Know Where You Are with melodic guitar riffs came before the last song, Sugar Coat, which is going to be their next single. Another good bass line and another chance for Phil to showcase both his instrument and his guitar faces. A great set from the Lancashire four piece.

Roy and Phil from Exit State
Roy and Phil from Exit State

Set List

Pull The Thread / Sun In My Eyes / Crystalline / I Know Where You Are / Sugar Coat (and possibly one I didn’t get the title of somewhere in the middle!)

Roy Bright – Vocals/Guitar
Phil Ireland – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Peat Hicks – Drums/Vocals
Matt Harris – Guitars


Lonely The Brave, came next, a five piece, who have supported Zico Chain on the entire tour although they said this, the penultimate show, was the last time they would be playing with them. I initially thought one of the Guitarists, who was stood at the front of the stage announcing the opening song, was also the singer. It was only when the song got underway that I realised that the guy stood behind him, and facing to the right, was actually lead singer David Jakes. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Lonely The Brave although they started with a few faster songs they got progressively slower and I was relieved when their set ended. However others, I was with, really liked them. They would probably appeal to fans of 30 Seconds to Mars or QOTSA.

Lonely the Brave at Sound Control, Manchester
Lonely the Brave at Sound Control, Manchester

Band Members:
Gavin Edgeley – Drums
David Jakes – Vocals
Mark Trotter – Guitar
Joel Mason – Guitar
Andrew Bushen – Bass Guitar


Londoners Zico Chain started with The Real Life. With a similar sound to Toxicity by System of a Down it immediately got the audience joining in, fists pumping and singing along. The set consisted of mainly energetic fast paced songs with punky riffs. Lots of hand clapping came with A Thousand Splendid Suns. I didn’t see a mosh pit or circle forming but two guys were dancing, what looked like what can only be described as a jig, to Zico Chain’s second single, Where Would You Rather Be. Appropriately this was about losing your mind, or should that be pants, as one of the guys was jigging so heard his pants nearly came down! We then got Murdering You, which is going to be on their new album but wasn’t on the set list, as the drummer laughingly pointed out when he started on a different track! Rohypnol with its fast drumbeat was very popular with the audience.

Zico Chain's axe man Tommy and stick man Oli.
Zico Chain’s axe man Tommy and stick man Oli.

With only five mins left and three songs still to go, one had to be consigned to the trash bin and, Chris allowed the audience to choose which two songs they should play. More Than Life didn’t make it! Social Suicide a powerful fast rocking song with a staccato drum beat made the final cut along with the last song Case File. Zico Chain still managed to squeeze fourteen songs into an hour. A really good, power packed performance which the crowd obviously enjoyed. With their tremendous energy and fast rocking sound they should appeal to fans of bands such as Heavens Basement or System of a Down. Although UK based fans may have to wait a while to see them, as the last date of this UK tour has been and gone!

Zico Chain's singer/ bass player Chris Glithero
Zico Chain’s singer/ bass player Chris Glithero

Set list:
The Real Life / Favourite Client / New Romance / These Birds Could Kill Us All / A Thousand Splendid Suns / Pretty Pictures / Perfect High / Junk / Where Would You Rather Be / Mercury Gift / Murdering You/ Rohypnol / More Than Life (not played) / Social Suicide / Case File

Band Members:
Chris Glithero (Bass, Vocals)
Tommy Gentry (Guitar)
Oli Middleton (Drums)


(Some of the photos are courtesy of Darren Quinn – Thank you!)

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