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Alex Wiltshire from the band The Guns Interviewed




This is Lee Walker from www.PlanetMosh.com conducting an email interview with Alex Wiltshire from the band The Guns

LW – Hi Alex, for all of those people who are just coming into contact with The Guns as a result of this interview, how did the band come into existence ?

Alex – We all came from a mixture of different bands who got together and jammed. We wanted to play something that had raw energy and just nail everything that came out of us.

LW – What bands/artists have influenced you musically ?

Alex – Any bands we’re interested in really, which ranges from anything, The Beatles to Refused and The Pharcyde to QOTSA and everything in between.

LW – You recently released your album “Fuck The Demon Out Of Me”. How did the album come about ?

Alex – We wanted to create a record that gave people an introduction to the darker side of our personalities, thoughts and freaked alter egos. The process was a very productive and well motivated time but never pushy or uncomfortable in a mechanical way. It was purely based on creative flow, feelings and meanings to each song while recording. Some shit went down that’s behind the curtain, which you can use you’re imagination on

LW – What are your favourite songs on it ?

Alex – My favourite song from the album is Toms favourite “Stranger than you” is rad, it has a real kinda lost boys soundtrack to it. I like a lot of the hard pumping tracks like “Answers” coz they are just straight up energy. Saying that, I am quite fond of the spooky vibes in “Voodoo Boogie”.

LW – I have been watching the “Its On Like Donkey Kong” video. It’s quite an epic full on party video. What was it like making it ?

Alex – it was a good laugh yeah haha it was in our good mate Moonhead’s pool house. It got pretty gnarly. We had Dainton and Pritchard down to add to the carnage. Shit was going OFF! we were stage diving off the jacuzzi in the pool riding guitars like space hoppers.

LW – You have just released your new single “Missing Girls”. What made you choose this track to be the single release from the album ?

Alex – We listened to the album a load of times and it just felt right to put that track out as a single. Ya know, its one of those tracks man, like a crunchy, dark, raw driven track.

LW – Where did the concept for this video come from ?

Alex – We were just into a bunch of gnarly dark stuff, we dig a lot of different shit, like Alistair Crowley and thought that kind of stuff would be awesome for the track.

LW – What do you have planned 2012 ? Are there any plans for a tour to promote the album? Any festival appearance lined up ?

Alex – We’ll play any time, any place. We got a bunch of shit lined up but stuff changes all the time. Keep checking on www.tmfg.co.uk to find out the details.

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

Alex – Keep it real, go and see as many live bands as you can. Do whatever you do, make your own decisions, kick off and have a blast. Live.

For all things Guns related follow them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/followtheguns or check them out on the web: http://www.tmfg.co.uk/

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