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Attica Rage, Yardbirds, Grimsby – 11th Sep 2011


This review was done Jason aka Old Metal Moody from Grimsby .

I arrived early at the Yardbirds in Grimsby, to find both Attica Rage and Exit State relaxed and looking forward to the night ahead with a beer and a Slipknot video.

There was a poor turnout from North East Lincolnshire at Yardbirds unfortunately with the gig being a school night it seemed to impact the numbers attending.

Exit State were the first to take the stage and were up to a poor crowd. Despite this they launched into their first song “Black Veins“, a blinding, foot tapping, head nodding tune that set the scene for a full powered, explosive set from beginning to end.

Their energy and passion were plain to see from their performance and the vocals were excellent. They were what the Lost Prophets aspire to be. In short, Lancashire rocks! North East Lincs…you missed out!

One of the audience described them as “…like nothing I’ve heard before”. (Emma, GY).


Exit State Setlist

Black Veins

Tonight Be Free

In That Place

I know Where You Are


Lost Beyond Belief

Death Of  A Rockstar


Attica Rage blazed onto Yardbirds stage with an excellent intro, then straight into the northern growl we all expect from Johnny. They started their tight, powerful and solid set with “36 Insane” and “Alter Reality”, leaving no doubt we were in for a great time. The people who have turned out are all down with the Rage, with hands in the air and hair flying. Halfway through the set with “Ashamed” and the passion is palatable. I’m sorry….just a beautiful song.

There was a blinding “White Wedding” cover which was very much a crowd pleaser and nicely done. There was a grand finish and Attica Rage didn’t fail to deliver with “Dark City” & “Old School”, we were feeling the Rage!.

It was described as “The sort of music that makes you want to procreate too. Proper metal! (Sarah, GY).

Great night, 10/10 to both bands, the only criticisms were the guitarist from Exit State, while intense, lacked the stage presence of the other band members and Attica Rage’s microphone volume could have been higher, apart from lack of numbers…it’s obvious the north has hidden nuggets of metal talent!

Attica Rage Setlist


36 Insane

Altered Reality

Hacked For Vanity




Through the Inner Eye

White Wedding (cover)

Road Dog

Dark City/Attica Rising

Back to the Old School


All credit for this review and pictures go to Jason Old Metal Moody.

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