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May 3, 2016

Bonfire have been knocking around the hard rock scene for 30 years now and to celebrate their three decades of rock, they have released a [Continue Reading]

Aluk Toldolo – Voix

April 27, 2016

Aluk Todolo are peddlers of occult rock, if you are not familiar with the term occult rock, just imagine a Hammer House of Horror movie with a [Continue Reading]


April 27, 2016

With the release of this their first full length album, Italy’s Deadsmoke are looking to make a huge noise in the doom/sludge world. But with [Continue Reading]

Salem – Dark Days

April 24, 2016

Salem NWOBHM band Salem release their latest studio album Dark Days on April 29th 2016, available from Pure Steel Records and shows them in a [Continue Reading]
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