Rockharz Festival – Dragonforce and Audrey Horne confirmed


Rockharz Open AirTwo more bands have been confirmed for this year’s Rockharz Festival.


It’s the first time: The band were an hour only lasts fourty minutes! The band were the guitarist is done ten minutes earlier! The band who has shown a new standard on Guitar Hero! Experience the fastest confirmation in the ROCKHARZ history: Here is DRAGONFORCE!



Who connects Norway only with Viking- and Black Metal is only right in a partly right: Indeed all members of AUDREY HORNE are originated in this genre but with their current band they are on the dignified way of Classic- or Hard Rock. You can get a taste of their musical development on the current album “Youngblood” which is available since February 1st.

We welcome this interesting combination for the first time at ROCKHARZ OPEN AIR!

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