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On September 8, 2014
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9 tracks of technically brutal death metal from the Netherlands.

Antropomorphia Rites ov PerversionEven though Antromorphia formed in 1990 in Tilburg,in the Netherlands I knew of the name but had heard no music by them until their latest album Rites Ov Perversion. It will be released via Metal Blade Records on Sept.12th 2014 and it is one of the most brutal death metal albums I’ve heard since Left Hand Path by Entombed. The production is crystal clear with everything pushed up to the max. Even when the guitars are going at full throttle, every riff can be heard.

The standard is set immediately in opening number ‘Temphioth Workings’ as it’s mid paced crushing death metal riffs hurtle out with a sickening crunch backed by thudding drums from Marco Stubbe topped by the demonic howling of vocalist Ferry Damen. Without any pause ‘Carved To Pieces’ rushes in on a rollercoaster ride of mauling riffs with an even more brutal drum display. A slow, grinding mid section ending in a cathartic scream heads into a ‘Dead Skin Mask’ style piece only heavier as the main riff returns to bring the song to a stunning close. Other highlights are the simple, sparse battering riffs that run through ‘Inanimatus Absqui Anima’ with a respite midway from some melodic death metal riffing.

The 6 minute long ‘Crowned In Smoldering Ash’ can only be musically described as a suffocating, claustrophobic heavy dirge. The Morbid Angel like buzzing main riffs in ‘Nekrovaginal Secretions’ alternate with bleak soundscapes. ‘Tevfelskvnst’ begins with an almost ‘Peace Sells’ bass line followed by chugging riffs dueling against frantic death metal but personal favourite and album closer is a cover of ‘Open Casket’ by Death originally recorded way back in 1988. Antromorphia have put their own stamp on it giving Chuck Schuldiner’s classic a respectfully vicious run through.


Antromorphia band line up :-

Ferry Damen – Vocals/guitar.

Jos Van Den Brand – Guitar.

Marc Van Stiphout – Bass Guitar.

Marco Stubbe – Drums.

Antropomorphia band

Album track listing :-

Temphioth Workings.

Carved To Pieces.

Inanimatus Absqui Anima.

Crowned In Smoldering Ash.

Nekrovaginal Secretions.

Gospel Ov Perversion.

Morbid Rites.


Open Casket ( Death cover version ).

9 tracks of technically brutal death metal from the Netherlands.

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