Arven – Black Is The Colour

Arven_BlackIsTheColour_CoverExcellent follow up which has class written all over it





The German based six piece return with “Black Is The Colour”, their second album, which follows on from the very well received debut offering “Music Of Light”, which saw release in 2011.


A difficult band to categorize in many ways, not particularly for the five female and one male line up but more in the musical sense. A Gothic Symphonic core fuels the main drive of the band but with Progressive and Melodic passages weaving in and out that creates a very addictive sound. Vocalist Carina has an admirable range, generating great depth and feeling throughout the album, whilst the rest of the band are able to switch between harder tracks and the more subtle and softer compositions with consummate ease.


“All I Got” is a good example to show the bands full range, a track that alternates wonderfully between fast paced riffs and power drumming , against the soulful, stripped down piano and vocal passages combination that is very effective. Indeed the album is quite diverse in its content and structure, “My Darkest Dream” has a much darker and heavier feel then many a track on offer, whilst the epic “Cercle D Emeraude” is just sublime, combining Metal and a woody, earthy Folk tinged performance that is highly addictive. Even the rather sugary sweet duet with Stefan Schmidt of Van Canto fame works to a point but in truth, the band works a lot better when showcasing their own merits.


In places, I’m reminded of Edenbridge when listening to Arven, I guess it’s that mix and balance of Metal and Classical that does it, having said that, there’s plenty on offer here to make you realise that your listening to a band that have a great deal to offer both in terms of writing and performance.
In summary, an album and band well worth checking out, you wont be disappointed.


Track Listing;arven logo_final

1. Believe
2. Don’t Look Back
3. Rainsong
4. The One For Me
5. All I Got
6. My Darkest Dream
7. Cecle D Emeraude
8. In Your Dreams
9. Fireside Stories
10. My Fall
11. Ride On (Digipak version only)
12. Black Is The Colour  (Digipak version only)



Arven are;

Carina Hanselmann – Vocals
Anastasia Schmidt – Guitars
Ines Thomé – Guitars
Lena Yatsula – Keyboards
Lisa Geiß – Bass
Till Felden – Drums


Out now via Massacre Records

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