At The Gates, Triptykon & Morbus Chron- The Garage, Glasgow 06/12/14

On a particularly wet and windy Glasgow evening the most anticipated gig of the year in Scotland (for me at least) is about to commence. The insane powerhouse of Death Metal that is Sweden’s At the Gates are in Glasgow once more and they do it like no other. With support from Switzerland’s mighty Trypticon and intense Morbus Chron from Sweden there is no way this show is going to be anything other than legendary.

After a bite to eat and some beers at Nice N’ Sleazy I head to The Garage for a quick interview with Tomas. At this point the venue already had an electric atmosphere.

At the Gates T Shirts were purchased straight away as we headed towards the intimate and gloomy room which held the stage and positioned ourselves at the front and centre of the barrier, there was no way anyone was blocking my view.



Morbus Chron promptly started the show with a fast and impressive set with creative harmonies that reminded me of early Death and got the crowd stirring.

Triptykon took to the stage after a very efficient changeover and got to work. Their authoritative presence on stage was well received as they began their set with the earth shattering track, Goetia. Booming Doom and fast emotive riffs resulted in the energised crowd repeatedly baying “Tam G Warrior!”  which seemed to please the man himself. Altar of Deceit, Celtic Frost covers Circle of the Tyrants and The Usurper and finally The Prolonging gave a varied and fierce live show.



The anticipation for the main band of the night was boiling over as roadies efficiently brought out a drum riser, drum kit and twoAt The Gates huge canvases of the stunning artwork by Costin Chioreanu were set up. The lights were dimmed and the into track El Altar began to play as the band entered the stage to a screaming audience. As the final notes of the intro faded away Tomas lept to the front of the stage and began Death and the Labyrinth from their newest album At War with Reality. Their set continued with an incredible and tight intensity as we screamed along to every word, crushed and smashed into the barrier by the crowd at the beginning of every track while watching out for the onslaught of crowd surfers.

At The Gates CrowdThe show was seamless throughout, with a mix of old and new that worked beautifully, including favourites from Slaughter of the Soul such as Under A Serpent Sun, Nausea and World of Lies. I had said only earlier that day that I would die happy if they played Windows and they did, along with classics Terminal Spirit Disease and Raped by the Light of Christ. An ecstatic crowd showed their appreciation throughout by chanting “at the, at the, at the fucking gates!”, who left the stage smiling, to a roar of applause and screams.

Sweaty, hoarse and battered we exited into the rain, huge grins on our faces for the knowledge we had just witnessed an experience of a life time.



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