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Big Boy Bloater and the limits

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On 25 June 2018
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A fantastic album that lives up to the high standards set on "Luxury hobo".

It’s hard to believe that “Luxury hobo” Big boy bloater’s last album came out 2 years ago. It’s a sign of how good it is that I still listen to it regularly, but he’s now got a new album – Pills. The big question is – how can he follow the masterpiece that is “Luxury hobo”?

Well, the answer is he’s simply done what he’s good at – write great songs that tell stories.

Check out the video for opening track, Pills…

“The digital number of the beast” definitely does things a bit differently – everyone knows the number of the beast is 666, but Big Boy Bloater takes that into the digital age by using the binary version as a chorus – 1010011010. It shouldn’t work as a chorus but somehow it does. As with all the songs here you really need to listen to the well crafted lyrics to get the best out of the song.

“A life full of debts” is a follow up to my favourite track on “Luxury hobo”, the excellent “It came out of the swamp”. It continues the story of the creature but with a very different sound – this is acoustic and doesn’t have that same killer hook that “It came out of the swamp” had, but the more laid back sound here suits the story being told. A great track.

Big Boy Bloater has a great voice perfectly suited to the Blues, but it’s his well written songs that really make this album stand out – the songs tell stories with well written lyrics, and the music is great. A fantastic album that lives up to the high standards set on “Luxury hobo”.

“Pills” is out now. Big Boy Bloater and the limits will be on tour around the UK in September.

Track listing:

1. Pills
2. Friday night’s alright for drinking
3. The Saturday night desperation shuffle
4. Stop stringing me along
5. Unnaturally charming
6. Slacker’s paradise
7. Mouse organ
8. Oops sorry
9. She didn’t even buy a ticket
10. This ain’t rufus
11. The digital number of the beast
12. A life full of debts

A fantastic album that lives up to the high standards set on "Luxury hobo".

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