Bisongrass – Bisongrass.

A recent name change from Bison (uk) to Bisongrass has not deterred this hard hitting 5 piece metal band. Formed late 2010 in Aberdeen, Bisongrass have their self titled debut album available as a hard copy on September 15th via their own record label Sweaty Beef Records and digitally via Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

Winners of the Fudge Awards for best new band/best newcomer in 2012 and describing their sound as ” sludgy but melodic and beefy “, Bisongrass’ album contains 8 roaring slabs of metal that bring to mind Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath with a splash of vintage Soundgarden. It was recorded practically live in the studio of Pallas guitarist Niall Mathewson who also handled production, thus giving it a raw, in your face vibe.

Main highlights are Square Turkey, Desert Rose and Halos At Sunrise as being the 3 longest tracks, they give the band a chance to jam a lot more. Pick of the bunch is Square Turkey, its reserved intro soon gives way into crashing riffs as a heavy  Sabbath  groove propels the song into a wild guitar solo. The drumwork of Taff in this song definitely is worth a mention! Infected, rumbles along like classic Kyuss  as vocalist Mark Craig’ s vocals  are akin to John Garcia with some fiery lead work from guitarists Aaron Rodger and James Dron. Seeds Of Hate is not an Exodus cover but a 5 minute slab of doom metal for the first half of the song before the pace picks up for some mid paced stoner rock. Short, sharp album opener Electrified Gypsy is full of thick, chugging riffs, setting the stall out for the following 7 numbers.

So there you have it, a very impressive debut by Bisongrass and i’m sure these songs would cause structural damage in a live setting!


Bisongrass band line up :-

Mark Craig – Vocals.

Aaron Rodger – Guitar.

James Dron – Guitar.

Farmer Giles – Bass.

Taff – Drums.


Bisongrass album track listing :-

Electrified Gypsy.


Seeds Of Hate.


Square Turkey.

Desert Rose.

Sounds Like Trouble.

Halos At Sunrise.


I award Bisongrass 9/10!



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