Blues Pills – Islington academy, London – 22nd April 2015

First up tonight was The Pearl Harts.   Unusually, they’re a two-piece band – other than the Graveltones they’re probably the only two-piece I’ve seen. Unlike the Graveltones, both members of the Pearl harts are petite ladies. They took to the stage in front of a very quiet venue, but as they played the venue steadily filled up, so by the end of their set it was busy.
With one member on drums and vocals and the other on guitar and vocals they’re surprisingly loud and powerful, and sound great.  Whereas in say a five-piece band, the notes from the various instruments tend to merge together at times, with just drums, guitar and vocals then you hear every single note that is played.
It’s a great set, and I made sure I stopped at the merchandise stand at the end of the night to buy a copy of their CD.

Next up was RavenEye, a three-piece band.  They sounded great – great rock music with some lovely guitar work.  Musically they’re a good fit with Blues pills, so it’s no surprise that they go down very well with the crowd tonight. It’s a great set and this is definitely a band I want to hear more from in the future.

Finally it was time for Blues Pills. I’ve been wanting to see this band for some time but every time they’ve played London recently has been a date I couldn’t attend, so I was really looking forward to seeing and hearing just how good they are live. Well, I wasn’t disappointed at all – they’re fantastic live.
The band has been gaining fans so fast that that Elin Larsson tells the fans that are packing out the venue, that this is their fifth London gig in a year, so I doubt they’ll be playing this size of venue much longer.
Blues pills have a very 70’s inspired Blues rock sound, and damn they’re good. Musically they can’t be faulted tonight, and they know how to put on a show as well – singer Elin Larsson is a bundle of energy constantly strutting barefoot around the stage as she plays tambourine, sings and throws her head about sending her long hair flying. She’s got an infectious energy and enthusiasm and has no trouble at all getting a reaction from the crowd – the fans here are clearly having a great time.  It’s a great set but all too soon it’s over having passed far faster than the clocks would suggest.  This is a band I definitely want to see again.

A great night – three excellent bands on one bill.

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