Chapel –Satan’s Rock N Roll (Invictus)

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On February 15, 2014
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Dirty filthy alcohol driven assault on the senses

Spewing forth from Vancouver, Canada with an addictive blend  of Motorhead playing Venom.  Every tune on this is a winner with barely any song going over the 3 minute mark. The band emblazon their influences clearly on their studded leather jackets which even look like they stink of sweat and too many club floors. The song structures are basic rock standard verse chorus set up with infectious sing- a-longs on the vast majority of tracks. The vocals are throaty and sort of growled but lyrics can be heard perfectly. The subject matter as you can guess by this point is about the good things in life, drinking, playing fast, Satan and goats. There are moments on this record where it crosses into D Beat reminiscent of Disfear but with an underlying blues influence.  The stand outs are “Hell Breaks Loose”, “Motorcult” and the title track. Production is where it should be plenty of bottom end for the rhythm section to be heard and carry this alcohol driven beast along. While you will find nothing new on this one, you will find barrels of fun and a record that may prick up the ears of your more easy listening friends. Get the beer in and get the job done.


Rock ‘n’ Roll from Hellchapel

Nocturnal Blasphemy

Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hell Breaks Loose


Blood Will Be Spilled






Band Members

Desolator – Guitar/Vocals

Devastator – Bass/Vocals

Incinerator – Drums

Dirty filthy alcohol driven assault on the senses

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