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DALI are moving through the ranks of the UK scene. With a highly accomplished sound that tips its hat to Biffy Clyro, Mallory Knox and Don Broco, DALI are making new friends and growing their base. The hotly-tipped quartet have just revealed their brand new single, You’re Not The One, via all streaming platforms. Watch the video for the track, here –  https://youtu.be/kNPRweVVTqs . We asked the band about their background and more:


What is the full band line-up, who sings and who plays which instrument?

Matthew Dudman – Guitar/Lead Vocal

Peter Wright – Guitar/vocal

Ewan Williams – Bass/Vocal

Jack Grossman – Drums.



How and when did the band form? 

The band formed in the October of 2018 by the drummer, Jack who was set on forming a band that shared the same drive and passion for music as he did.

Jack completely relocated from greater London, left everything behind to move to Southampton in search for the members of Dali.  This is where he found Vocalist Matt Dudman and Guitarist Peter Wright.

The three (contribution from the original bass player) instantly got to work in shaping the band and what would become Dali.

For the first year the group played relentlessly and tirelessly up and down the country, making a name for themselves amongst fellow musicians and fans alike. Supporting the likes of Mallory Knox in their first year, delisted having no material released.

They began to turn heads early on due to their energetic and passionate live show.

The band have not stopped since its inception.

Ewan, bass player, joined mid-2019, completing the line-up.



When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

We don’t think you ever stop gelling and solidifying. It’s all about adapting to the people you work with. For the past ten months we have been, for want of a better expression, ‘finding Dali’. We really feel now we have a solid line-up, we are the happiest we have been and the most concrete, strong and driven as a unit.


Who are your musical influences?

Dali is a strange one with this question.  As individuals we are all so influenced and inspired by different types of music which shape how we play and perform as musicians.

We all share the same love and passion for rock. Which allows us to come together and write and perform as Dali.

Dali is four individuals inspired by all sorts of music and art, but we are brought together with goal and one inspiration.


Where did the name of the band come from?

Jack (Drummer) is a massive fan of Salvador Dali’s artwork and Dali as a creative.  He saw a painting of his at a friend’s house when he was in his early teens, became inspired and always thought Dali would be a great band name. He had kept a hold of it, waiting for the right band.



How far back does your history with each other (the band members) extend? Are you friends from school or any family relations?

We all met as a band a year ago. Jack had never met any of the existing members before he had moved to Southampton to start the band in search for the members.

Matt and Pete knew each other before hand, they both joined Dali together and Ewan was a later edition to the band, joining in the last few months.


In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?

We feel what separates Dali from the other bands around at the moment is that with us and our music – what you see is what you get.

We are not hiding behind any gimmick nor are we trying to play a game or a face that is not genuine to who we are as people or as musicians.

We are Dali.


How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

We aim to make you feel something. In whatever form that may be. Whether that be through listening to our music, reading our lyrics or watching our videos.  As long as you feel it, we have achieved what we aimed to do.


Do you have a tour on the horizon?

We do indeed. We are on the cusp of signing a booking deal and are set to tour early 2020.  The best way you can keep up to date is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.



Where can we find your social media sites?

Website – https://www.daliuk.co.uk/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wearedali/

Instagram – @dalibandofficial

Email – wearedali@gmail.com



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