Damnation 2014 Festival Preview by Aisha

Damnation final

This year’s Damnation Festival marks ten years of extreme metal chaos at Leeds University. Hard to believe it has only been ten years.

There have been many interesting line ups for this fest and a few surprises over the years (namely Carcass when they had their “last ever re-union show”) but this year the sold out festival has probably surpassed all others, there really is something for everyone.

Three huge acts will be headlining; Florida based brutal death fest Cannibal Corpse, American Doom Metal powerhouse Saint Vitus and English Death Metal legends, Bolt Thrower.

Of course it would be obvious for me to say the headliners are the main bands I want to see, in reality they are but there are so many this year that I am looking forward to seeing, namely;

Bast– Sludgy doom from London, this will be a first for me and one which I am quite excited about after recently listening to their first full length album Spectres, and becoming completely immerged. Definitely a band to keep an eye on after the fest.

Aeon-Swedish Death Metal at its finest. Aeon performed in Bannermans an underground venue in Edinburgh in 2011 and blew me and the rest of the crowd away. Looking forward to seeing these guys again on a bigger stage.

Fen-I saw this band back in 2010 and took home a signed copy of their first full length album The Malediction Fields, so this will be pleasant blast from the past for me and a chance to listen to some of their newer tracks.

Wodensthrone-Think enveloping, transporting sound that makes you lose any sense of time or place. Black Metal from England and a band I haven’t had a chance to see live yet, not really sure how that has happened but I plan to rectify this at Damnation.

Winterfylleth– Black Metal project from England that I haven’t seen but known of for a while. Looking forward to finally getting a chance to see them live, especially if they play anything from their 2012 release, the threnody of triumph. The band have a large and atmospheric sound which I know will be incredible to witness live at this small venue.

Cannibal Corpse-I have a slight love affair with this band. Not only do they have a plethora of brutal and intense classic albums they also are an incredible band to see live. The band’s years of experience and George’s talent as a frontman makes it pretty them pretty difficult to beat in my book. Adrenaline pumping groove in the confined space of this fest…there will surely be blood.

Bolt Thrower-The big headliner and for a good reason. Leg-ends of British Death Metal and a band that I have yet to cross off my “bands to see before I die if they are still alive” list. If they play World Eater I can die happy.


An impressive and exciting line up for the Leeds festival this year.

I think it is fair to say that all those who managed to get hold of tickets are rather fucking chuffed.

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Scottish based interviewer and reviewer for PM. Aisha is a fine artist who has created album artwork for various bands including Meads of Asphodel and Towers of Flesh. She is a heavy supporter of the UK underground scene and while she has a varied music taste, she admits it is mostly all about the thrash, black and death metal.