Delain – Islington Academy, London – 25/10/15

The Courtesans

Now this is a night I had been anticipating eagerly.  It’s a rarity that every band on the bill is this talented and delivers such a powerful live performance, and I am so happy to say I was not disappointed!  This show was one of my favourites I’ve attended this year!

First up we had London based doom pop/rock band The Courtesans (7); I’ve been lucky enough to see them perform a few times this year, and they are starting to sell out some smaller venues across the UK, offering up equal parts talent and a provocative stage presence.  They caught the attention of the crowd as soon as they kicked off with Liberate; having been hand-picked by Delain to open the London show, I was very pleased to see Delain side stage checking out their performance and supporting them, they really got my approval for helping out local upcoming bands on this tour.  I really love the dynamic in this band, they work so well together, I especially love the vocals between Sinead, Agnes and Saffire, they complement each other’s voices so perfectly and offer up a fantastic range.  The Courtesans get a warm response and after finishing off by treating us to a new song Mesmerise, they get a great applause from the crowd, these ladies are ones to watch out for!


1 – Liberate

2 – Dirty Killer

3 – Knowhere

4 – Venus in Furs

5 – Genius

6 – Mesmerise

The Gentle Storm

Up next we have The Gentle Storm (10) having released my favourite album this year The Diary, and being lucky enough to catch them live last week at Femme Festival, I knew we were in for a hell of a treat.  There is something just so unique and beautiful about the Music Anneke and Arjen have created that translates so well into the live performance.  Armed with a team of phenomenal musicians; including the talented Merel Bechtold, who has just become a permanent member of Delain so performing twice tonight, they kick off their performance with Brightest Light.  Anneke takes to the stage with a beaming smile that never leaves her face throughout the set.  Not only do we have the vocal talents of Anneke, but also Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion)  The harmonies between these two are just perfect.  We are treated to a couple of very well received songs from The Gathering, and Devin Townsend track ‘Fall Out’, which pleased me unmeasurable amounts being a huge Devin fan!  Finishing with Shores of India and leaving the crowd wanting more, for me it was a perfect performance so they got the perfect score from me, the only thing I would have wanted is more!



1 – Heart of Amsterdam

2 – Brightest Light

3 – The Storm

4 – Eleanor

5 – Strange Machines

6 – Fall Out

7 – Shores of India


If that wasn’t already enough we still have the main event Delain (9) to go.  Having sold out the venue was heaving; people were packed as far back as cramming into the door ways leading to the merch section all the way to the front to see them rock.  Kicking off with Go Away, I instantly thought what a great choice it was making Merel a member, visually they really work as a six piece, and as a guitarist she really is something special.  Having seen just how well they can perform for a bigger crowd when I caught them opening for Within Temptation last year, they have worked hard to show they deserve the headline spot and can fill the bigger venues.  Overall a fantastic choice of set list featuring old favourites including my personal favourite Milk and Honey, and fan favourite Here Come the Vultures, we were also treated to a new track Turn the Lights Out, and the promise of a new album in 2016 which was met with a more than positive reception!  Another highlight for me was the closing song We Are The Others, a song that touches the hearts of many, as inspired by such a devastating tragedy.  I always get a bit emotional every time they play this song, and you can feel it throughout the crowd, a beautiful tribute to Sophie, and a reminder to us all we aren’t alone out there.  A fantastic performance from Delain and leaving us eagerly anticipating next year’s new studio album.


1 – Go Away

2 – Get the Devil Out of Me

3 – Army of Dolls

4 – Lullaby

5 – Stardust

6 – Milk and Honey

7 – Here Come the Vultures

8 – April Rain

9 – Sleepwalkers Dream

10 – Don’t Let Go

11 – Turn the Lights Out (New Song!)

12 – Silhouette of a Dancer

13 – The Gathering

14 – Not Enough

15 – Mother Machine

16 – Stay Forever

17 – We Are the Others

Photos by Linda Heron

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