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On May 11, 2016
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DevilDriver are back and a force to be reckoned with!

DevilDriver are a band I have been lucky enough to have known and loved from Day 1, from the first time I saw them play at London Underworld shortly after the release of the original self-titled album in 2003. Throughout the years we have been treated to some of the hardest hitting live shows I have ever witnessed and fantastic albums. I have been contemplating since the departure of founding members John Boecklin and Jeff Kendrick how it would change DevilDriver’s signature Groove-metal sound; frontman Dez Fafara is the only original member left now as well as long-term member Mike Spreitzer (2004).

The album kicks off with opening track Testimony of Truth leading in with melodic guitars then transitioning into a hard hitting groove, and the unmistakable growls of Dez Fafara. This leads on into to Bad Deeds and My Night Sky that we have already been treated to prior to release. So far I am happy, there are all the elements I have grown to love about DevilDriver but also something new and refreshing in the mix; possibly due in part to the new members, and also Dez taking a break after Winter Kills to reunite with Coal Chamber.

I had to re-listen to track four, The Deception, a few times as there was just something so familiar about it. After a while I clicked there is something very much in the same vein as my favourite DevilDriver album, the 2005 release ‘Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand’ especially the track ‘Hold Back the Day.’  It’s not that its a copy of the track, more that there are subtle elements that I find really nostalgic to what was, and mirroring how DevilDriver have prevailed and grown throughout the years.

Continuing on into ‘Above It All’ which starts with an ominous guitar intro which is really different to what I have come to expect from DevilDriver.  This follows on into Daybreak which has some of my favourite guitar work on the whole album, there is just something really uplifting with how the melodic guitar work and groove tie in together, which builds and builds into an awesome solo. Launching us into the end part of the album is title track ‘Trust No One.’  I will admit that when the album art came out I really liked the concept, however I am really not a fan of the artwork; luckily enough though the track itself doesn’t disappoint. Another highlight for me is ‘Retribution’ the bass connoisseur in me can’t help but be impressed with that bass orientated intro, each track is doing a good job in making me struggle to pick a favourite out!

We finish off on a high with the track ‘Retribution,’ another that perfectly blends the more melodic guitar and solo work, with the big hooks we have come to expect from DevilDriver. I have had a really hard task deciding on a favourite track; after a lot of deliberation I have decided it’s ‘The Deception’. To me its a reminder of what has always made DevilDriver great whilst also showing how they have evolved into the metal monster they are today. DevilDriver are back and a force to be reckoned with! Trust No One hits stores May 13th on Napalm Records.

Track-list –

1 – Testimony Of Truth
2 – Bad Deeds
3 – My Night Sky
4 – This Deception
5 – Above It All
6 – Daybreak
7 – Trust No One
8 – Feeling Ungodly
9 – Retribution
10 – For What It’s Worth

Members –

Dez Fafara – Vocals
Mike Spreitzer – Guitar
Neal Tiemann – Guitar
Diego Ibarra – Bass
Austin D’Amond – Drums

Links –

DevilDriver are back and a force to be reckoned with!

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