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On April 21, 2019
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Very impressive debut from Falling Eden that should surely see them rise, not fall.

Our Time Has Come sums up Falling Eden perfectly now they have released their debut album that has taken a few years to see the light of day. The Crewe/Stoke On Trent based 5 piece have penned 9 songs that hit hard due to a very in your face production.

‘Falling Eden’ the first single released from the album eases in on a minute of soothing synths courtesy of Jazz Sladen until the huge choruses kick in with soul searching lyrics from Adi Moscati and Rick Mason adds some big riffs to muscle it up. The title track is all noodling guitar lines and sparse drum patterns from Steven Hadzik that add texture to a highly emotional vocal as a riff heavy outro ends it with aplomb. I got a Big Country vibe from the jarring guitar lines and powerchords during ‘Breakout’ that sets the bar high.

‘Memories’ is a hairs on the back of the neck raising power ballad that sees Adi hitting some lung busting notes. Beating heart drum beats and spooky keyboard flourishes dominate ‘And I Know’ that ends on orchestral string backed “Whoa oh oh’s”. ‘Summer’ is chock full of quirky rhythms that follow a bombastic opening to give it a jazzy feel and the choruses can melt the coldest of hearts! ‘Voices’ is a nice slice of alt rock driven along by surging bass lines from Rudi Heinemann as Steve tests the strength of his kit for the outro.

The calm before the storm verses to ‘Don’t Look Down’ lead to choruses that make this the heaviest track on the album especially when Rick nails a fretboard burning solo and the album ends in style with the melodic grunge workout of ‘Bleed’. Our Time Is Coming can be purchased on digital links or a physical CD on the links below.

Our Time Is Coming track listing :-

Falling Eden.

Our Time Is Coming.



And I Know.



Don’t Look Down.


Falling Eden band line up :

Adi Moscati – Lead vocals.

Rick Mason – Guitars.

Steven Hamzik – Drums.

Jazz Sladen – Keyboards.

Rudi Heinemann – Bass guitar.




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Very impressive debut from Falling Eden that should surely see them rise, not fall.

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