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Forgotten Remains

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On 19 June 2016
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Prepare to obey the full on metal command laid down by Forgotten Remains.

Forgotten Remains

After listening to thrash/death metal for over 30 years it takes a lot to surprise me anymore but Chesterfield based band Forgotten Remains are a welcome breath of fresh (or even fetid) air into the genres with their 3rd E.P Morbid Reality. Produced and recorded by Russ Russell they are on their way to being a force to be reckoned with judging by the 5 songs here currently available for £7.

From the off you are knocked off your feet by opener ‘Child 44’ which brought to mind a death metal ‘Black Magic’ by Slayer in  the riffing with satan providing the vocals but that role is undertaken by Sam Marshall. A crisp production allows the riffs to rule even more and a pit opening midway breakdown leads into twin guitar solos overload with a lung busting vocal backing.

‘Tormented Aggression’ is nothing less than a mauling blustre of rage and when it shifts into overdrive, could reach light speed faster than the Millennium Falcon! ‘Morbid Reality’ , the title track of the E.P contains Legacy era Testament like precise riffing with solos from Reece Sanderson and Paul Ryan that should have Alex Skolnick looking over his shoulder! ‘Blood Of The Innocent’ is crushing, claustrophobic doom with a gutteral vocal to match, bringing to mind early Entombed. The bleak grooves are broken by a shimmering guitar solo as an almost spoken word vocal and mid paced thrash tempos end the song. ‘Beneath The Bloodstained Sky’, E.P closer and my personal favourite as its aural battering of metronomic drumming, churning riffs, ear wax removing guitar solos and paint stripping vocals, end Morbid Reality on a high.

2016 looks to be a busy year for Forgotten Remains as they are currently writing material for their as yet untitled full length debut studio album carrying on from the momentum gained in 2015 when they earned a place on the bill at the prestigious Bloodstock Open Air festival by winning a regional Metal To The Masses final.

Morbid Reality E.P track listing :-

Child 44.

Tormented Aggression.

Morbid Reality.

Blood Of The Innocent.

Beneath The Bloodstained Sky.

Forgotten Remains band line up :-

Sam Marshall – Vocals.

Reece Sanderson – Guitar.

Paul Ryan – Guitar.

Luke Glossop – Bass guitar.

Blaine Wright – Drums.



Prepare to obey the full on metal command laid down by Forgotten Remains.

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