Fortify – Interview

Interview with Brit easycore combo FORTIFY:


What is the full band lineup, who plays what?


Anna Louise – Lead Signer,

Kieran McLoughlin Spink – Lead/Rhythm Guitar,

Charlie Fallows – Lead/Rhythm Guitar,

Billy Byford – Bass Guitar,

Jamie Smith (JD) – Drums.



How and when did the band form? Tell us anything interesting about your hometown.


Fortify are a 5 piece Easy-core band from Thurrock Essex.
Since the beginning, in 2015, Fortify has been the musical driving force of its founding members, Anna and Kieran. Each member was hand picked due to their skill and commitment. The group decided to take action in January 2015 at Lakeside Shopping Centre and started their musical path; playing at gigs across Essex and eventually into London.


For most of the band,Thurrock is the main social point for the members to meet up. A lot of the surrounding environment around where they live, has influenced and shaped the music that this band are expressing. With notification from various press organisations, they debuted their first radio interview in Chelmsford Essex shortly after a year with BBC introducing.



When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?


The main indication that the band had made a real turn around was when their most recent and committed drummer (JD) joined in December 2015. Even more so, was when the departure of their former bassist (Craig) left and the band immediately all had the same person in mind to fill the position. After, Bill had joined and filled that position, the band really started to stand out in their performances. Creative writing and other aspects majorly improved and the band seemed complete.


What are your musical influences?


Because each member is into different genres, music and styles, the  band accumulates a varied pallet which they draw from creatively. Mainly, ‘A Day To Remember’, ‘In This Moment’,  ‘Nothing More’, (Early) ‘Tonight Alive’, ‘Hands Like Houses’ and ‘Architects’ are the bands main musical influences.


What is your favourite or most funny, wildest moment or story as a band?


Whilst the band was at the Rayleigh Mill in Essex, during their headline performance at the Battle Of The Bands. Jamie (our drummer) stood up from behind his drum kit during the ending outdo of their song ‘Strangers’, to interact with the crowd having completed his final drum fill. Anna went to go and congratulate him and he fell off stage through the back drop, nearly pulling her through with him. The crowd was in hysterics. The band could not contain their laughter during their final speech.



Where did the name of band come from?


After all the members meeting for the first time, the first thing they did was name the band. After sitting in the food court of the shopping centre for 3 hours with pen, paper and getting no where. Craig saw a sign for McMillan Cancer Trust on a billboard poster, with the words ‘Fortify against cancer’. The name just seemed to fit.


How far back does your history with each other (the band members) extend? are you friends from school or any family relations?


Anna and Kieran both went to the same secondary school together. After leaving, they remained good friends. A little while later, Charlie met Kieran at Essex Rock Academy and played their first gig together at the ‘Pegasus Club’ near Basildon. After the performance they both felt a very strong musical chemistry. Kieran then decided to ask Charlie if he wanted to be in Fortify with himself and Anna. Craig had known Anna and Kieran for a while as they had all been in bands together previously in the past. They decided to enlist his talent for bass again as things needed to get underway. After a few failed attempts at gaining a full time drummer, Craig initiated drummer auditions of which JD attended with the band. Shortly, thereafter became a full time member, not knowing the band before the audition.


In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?


We are one of the only easycore bands in the local area. However, our unique sound stands out  from the rest of our genre, purely because of our creative makeup. Each member lends their own flare and musical dexterity to envelop the bands bespoke sound. Our performances have been described as engaging and energetic by our rapidly growing fanbase.


If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?


If you were to imagine a blank canvas or space and dip dye a light blue streak that has a capillary effect in that area, as if to add ink to a puddle of water on paper; the effect would  be ever changing and evolving. It would only limit its expansion by how much water you have on the paper. Knowing that you would never get the exact same result if you were to do it again, mimics the creative sound and change through Fortify.  Thus, in simple terms, a tight, fun energetic female front band with a colourful musical flare.


Where can we find your social media sites?


Facebook – /Fortify-UK

Instagram – @OfficialFortify

Twitter – @FortifyUK

Website –



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