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On April 12, 2018
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Highly impressive debut of five crushing songs from Godstone.

Interestingly coming over with the angst of early Pitchshifter with pummeling grunge grooves, Godstone sound like a band destined for big things with their five track debut Monument Of One.

Thrilling opener ‘Over The Line’ cruises in as the guitars from Alex Goodrich and John Kenward writhe and churn over wrist snapping snare work by Matt Day. Iron lunged lead vocalist James McDonald powers in with a powerful melodic performance that sets the bar high from the off. ‘Tear It All Apart’ certainly does as piercing intro guitar lines are crushed by claustrophobic riffing that provides the foil for another dramatic lead vocal.

The calm before the storm intro to ‘The Way You Are’ heads off into a stand off of melodic guitar lines and brutal riffing. The advantage of headphones gives the riffs even more menace as they step up a gear in ‘Breathe’ to assault the senses as four minutes fly by as they buzzed around my ears. Final track ‘Full Circle’ is my favourite and is an epic end to their first outing. Lead vocals dominate with an engulfing delivery and musically the abrasive riffing adds a clinical edge.

Monument Of One track listing :-

Over The Line.

Tear It All Apart.

The Way You Are.


Full Circle.

Godstone band line up :-

Alex Goodrich – Guitar.

John Kenward – Vocals/guitar.

James McDonald – Lead vocals.

Matt Day – Drums.

Matthew Pascoe – Bass guitar.


Bandcamp https://godstone.bandcamp.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/godstoneofficial/

Highly impressive debut of five crushing songs from Godstone.

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