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Hell's Addiction
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On 2 July 2016
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The band have a wide range of influences and styles which meld together to make some addictive listening! Hell's Addiction? I'm addicted already!

Hell’s Addiction (Photo credit Sean Larkin)


Hell’s Addiction a Hard Rock band from the Dirty Old Town of Leicester release their second album Broken today (2nd July 2016) via TBFM Records. This hard rocking five piece formed in 2010 and released their debut album Raise Your Glass to rave reviews in 2012. I haven’t actually heard that album so I can’t say if this is better, worse on indifferent. I’m just reviewing it on it’s own merits. They state their interests as booze, rock and tattoos and their influences as ranging from A-Z – AC/DC to Led Zeppelin. Sounds good to me!

Hell’s Addiction (Photo credit Sean Larkin)

On first listen I was impressed. I picked up similarities to bands both old and new with tracks ranging from mellow to hard hitting. Although some of the tracks were more melodic, I wouldn’t say there was anything which I would class as a ballad, which can only be a good thing, in my book, as I’m not a big lover of the slower songs. The album opens with What You Gonna Do? the shortest track with some Motley Crue style riffage and a hard hitting rhythm section with the singing style gruff, but not growly, although a few power screams were thrown in for good measure. Some songs fade out slowly, this one doesn’t and ends abruptly with the lyrics ‘I am nothing without you in my life‘. Straight away you get the measure of these hard hitting dudes and they’re worth having in your life, well, your CD collection anyway! Lost reminded me of The Senton Bombs, think Wedlock Horns. Starting with some gentle riffs before Ben Sargent launches into a powerful scream Backs To The Wall was something like I would imagine a cross between Ramsbottom band Sister Rose and Germany’s Blackbird to be, although the power screams rivalled Reckless Love’s Olli Herman’s.

Blue Lights another track with a melodic, gentle start soon becomes more hard hitting think something along the lines of Queensryche meets UFO. Whilst The Rocker lost the race for shortest track by four seconds it still got a gold medal from me, being my favourite track on the album. Good old gritty hard rock to ‘Get the party started‘ or do a bit of fist pumping to the ‘Fight, fight, fights’. Get The Fuck a hard hitting one, think early Iron Maiden, but not the heaviest track, in my opinion, I award that honour to Passion For Power a more System of a Down meets Absolva style number I’m thinking something along the lines of Chop Suey! meets Flames of Justice.

Holiday said Madonna? well, yes she did but no, I didn’t pull that comparison. I’m thinking more Motörhead meets Yes! Killed By Death as the Owner of a Lonely Heart may be! Then we come to the longest and title track Broken melodic in places, powerful riffs and a strong drumbeat. I’m thinking something along the lines of Place Vendome meets Dave Lee Roth say Streets of Fire/ Just Like Paradise with it’s gravelly vocals I also picked up elements of Guns N’ Roses say November Rain so maybe a power ballad sneaked in after all! Then Time Has Come and like all good things, time is eventually called and this one left me with a feelgood feeling as it reminded me of Motley crue’s Dr. Feelgood.

Hell’s Addiction recently had a line-up change with Dan Weir taking over from Adam Bramley. As the pictures pre-date Dan’s joining the band he doesn’t actually make it onto the pictures, and I suspect he doesn’t play on the album, but anyone seeing them live from now on will get to see Dan. They have just played Download so if you didn’t go or you missed them, then fear not, there are plenty of opportunities to see them coming up with forthcoming appearances at SOS Festival, Redhill Music Festival and Redemption Festival to name but a few. For more shows see here. Their album launch gig which was set for 23rd July had to be put back for logistical reasons and is now planned for Friday 2nd September at the Firebug in Leicester, with support from The Midnight Dogs.

Broken is on sale here for £10, which equates to the price of a couple of pints of beer these days.  It’s like a good beer with plenty of body and leaves a pleasant after taste leaving you wanting more! Well I couldn’t resist the foodie analogy! The saying goes ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it‘ and whilst this little gem may be Broken it doesn’t need fixing! The band have a wide range of influences and styles which meld together to make some addictive listening! Hell’s Addiction? I’m addicted already!

Highlight Track – Rocker

Track List:

1: What You Gonna Do?
2: Lost
3: Backs To The Wall
4: Blue Lights
5: The Rocker
6: Get The Fuck
7: Passion For Power
8: Holiday
9: Broken
10: Time Has Come

Band Members:

Ben Sargent (lead vocals)
Liam Sargent (lead/rhythm guitar & backing vocals)
Dan Weir (lead/rhythm guitar)
Jason Green (bass & backing vocals
Luke Morley (drums)

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The band have a wide range of influences and styles which meld together to make some addictive listening! Hell's Addiction? I'm addicted already!

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