INFINITUS MORTUS – ‘The Conspiracy Of Love.’

Infinitus Mortus is the brainchild of the exceptionally talented Stephen Megna who hails from New Jersey, who along with a female vocalist released a concept album back in 2010 titled ‘2012’ but for this latest release he has teamed up with brother and sister vocalists Caitlin and Vincent Meehan to unleash an epic platter of Classical and Symphonic Metal which really hit’s the spot.
Musically what immediately struck me was Stephens amazing drum sound, a real machine gun ‘rat a tat tat’ if ever there was. Also the combination of hard hitting Metal riffs skilfully interwoven with some sublime piano pieces make this an album to be reckoned with.
Tracks such as ‘Dissolve’ and ‘Un Happily Ever After’ for example are excellent, sometimes dark affairs all dealing with the album theme of Love and it’s many highs, lows and pitfalls.
The dual vocal sound comes across well, I must admit I was a bit dubious before hearing it but Caitlin’s voice is a real gem, full of emotion and subdued power. Brother Vincent thankfully produces a clean vocal sound to compliment, rather than over power his siblings efforts, this is best demonstrated on the superb, hard hitting ‘One With The System’ with it’s immense sing a long chorus.
Album favourite for me though would have to be ‘Your Sin’, over six minutes of riff crunching, tempo changing, piano tinkling epicness that I found really moving.
Considering this album is a self release and therefore not likely to have any record label promotional clout behind it, it really should be congratulated whole heartedly for reaching the levels of excellence that it has.
In conclusion, a highly recommended album that I would urge you to check out.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;

1. Heart Of Stone.
2. Plain Hearts.
3. Love Is Not.
4. Un Happily Ever After.
5. Dissolve.
6. Beauty, Lust, A Fake Love.
7. One With The System.
8. Your Sin.
9. Love Song.
10. Dance Of Seduction.
11. Black Wings.


Infinitus Mortus are;

Caitlin Meehan – Vocals.
Vincent James Meehan – Vocals / Melody Composition.
Stephen Megna – Drums / Lead and Rhythm Guitars / Keyboards / Bass Guitar.
Rebeca Pasqual – Lyricist.



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