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On February 12, 2021
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Definitely a glorious return with the We Will Ride album.


If there is such a thing as The Fantastic Four then here comes The Fantastic Fourth album We Will Ride from Inglorious! Released today via Frontiers Music SRL, a change of line up sees them hit a rich vein of songwriting, point proven by these eleven finely crafted hard rock songs!

Fronted by the vehement vocal prowess of Nathan James the album kicks off with the first single lifted from the album ‘She Won’t Let You Go’. A laid back intro segues into hard rock that packs an early punch. Stadium filling choruses arrive early matched by the snare driven verses. An effortless vocal and shimmering guitar solo take all the plaudits.

Second single ‘Messiah’ has an attention grabbing bombastic main riff that drills into your skull. Guitars are quieter in the verses and the call to arms choruses are seismic.

Slide guitar work throughout ‘Medusa’ give it an extra edge to the songs subject matter but don’t worry as it will not turn you to stone!

‘Eye Of The Storm’ feature heart string tugs from the calm verses but it gathers power to morph into a riff heavy headbanger as these fiery four minutes fly by too soon.

‘Cruel Intentions’ could be their next ‘Stairway To Heaven’, ‘Smoke On The Water’ etc. due to its sheer class! A gently picked acoustic intro steps back to let a wall of riffing pave the way for a histrionic vocal. Astonishing!

‘My Misery’ burns slow during the soul searching verses that hit their stride for full on take no prisoners choruses. Another song that oozes class.

More bombast is hammered out for ‘Do You Like It’. A sultry vocal weaves around big fat riffs that stomp towards a fretboard burning guitar solo.

Just when you thought it could not get any heavier, ‘He Will Provide’ hits the ground running with hefty neck breaking rhythms. It’s all melody with muscle to make it my album highlight, especially when twin guitar overload ensues.

A bass guitar heavy intro to ‘We Will Meet Again’ precedes more snappy snare work, earworm guitar lines as Nathan hits his highest notes on the album.

The songwriting quality keeps on coming as the power balladry of ‘God Of War’ has devastating dynamics and an angelic vocal.

This epic album closes on the title track ‘We Will Ride’. A soaring spotlight stealing vocal is a lung busting tour de force of nature. Musically it’s emotionally uplifting as the grooves are loud and proud.

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Inglorious band line up :-

Nathan James – Lead Vocals.

Danny Dela Cruz – Guitar.

Dan Stevens – Guitar.

Vinnie Colla – Bass Guitar.

Phil Beaver – Drums.

Definitely a glorious return with the We Will Ride album.

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